Sappe Beauti Drink now in the Philippines!

Some time back I got some sample bottles of a truly unique beverage from Thailand — Sappe Beauti Drink. Being the vain person that I am, I was immediately intrigued upon hearing the name.

Sappe Beauti Drink Philippines

When I agreed to sample Beauti Drink, I really had no idea what it was. I googled a bit and found out that it’s a popular bottled drink in Thailand that’s available virtually everywhere.

Sappe Beauti Drink Philippines

Anyhow, there are two variants: Sappe Beauti Drink L-Carnitine (above left) and Sappe Beauti Drink Collagen (above right).

Sappe Beauti Drink Philippines

Sappe Beauti Drink L-Carnitine is a citrusy drink that’s made with white grape and lime juices. It contains 8000mg of fiber and 86mg of L-Carnitine which helps you burn fat. I’d describe the taste as something like a non-carbonated Sprite or 7-Up.

Sappe Beauti Drink Philippines

Sappe Beauti Drink Collagen is an apple-flavored drink which contains 1000mg of Collagen. Collagen helps moisturize skin, preventing dryness and wrinkles which naturally occur as we age. The taste is very light, so it’s very much like drinking flavored water instead of juice. Collagen drinks are actually big in other Asian countries like Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.

Sappe Beauti Drink Philippines

Comparing the nutrition facts of the two variants, the Collagen variant is slightly higher in terms of calories and sugars although both are fat-free.

Sappe Beauti Drink Philippines
Both drinks are translucent white in color.
Sappe Beauti Drinks are available at selected 7 Eleven branches for P35 per bottle. If you’re going to buy a drink might as well get one with a host of benefits, right? I like the fact that both variants are light, not overly sweet, and refreshing. 😀

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    • Reply John Kenneth Requilman April 2, 2017 at 7:59 pm

      Hi! Where do you buy these drinks? I can’t find any sappe beauti drink in 7 11 stores near my place anymore. Please reply soon. I need help. Thank you.

  • Reply Mary Jane Moreno March 19, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    Is Sappe Beauti Drink already phase out here in Philippines? Why?

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