Rico Corn Rice, the healthier carb alternative!

Some weeks ago, I was introduced to something rather revolutionary… Rico Corn Rice. I will be going into my 40s this 2014 and after witnessing what my dad went through health-wise in the recent years, I am more determined than ever to eat healthier. It’s never easy to overhaul your lifestyle and your household, and we’re taking it one step at a time. Hubby and I have pretty much gotten our breakfast habits down pat but the rest of our meals are still far from perfect.

Rico Corn Rice

So what exactly is Rico Corn Rice? It’s rice that is made from 100% natural Philippine-grown corn. It’s vitamin-enriched and it contains no artificial coloring. Imagine this — golden yellow corn is harvested and ground then converted into grain form that is similar to rice in shape and texture. The name RiCo was actually culled from the words Rice + Corn.

Rico Corn Rice

To give us a better idea of what Rico Corn Rice is, there was a demo on how to prepare it. It’s really simple, it’s just like boiling regular rice:

  1. Boil the suggested amount of water based on the amount of Rico Corn Rice you wish to cook (you can check the back of the package for the suggested ratio of Rico to water). You can use either a rice cooker or a caldero.
  2. Pour the desired amount of Rico.
  3. Simmer until you achieve the preferred corn rice stickiness and moistness. It will take about 10 to 13 minutes for it to be moist.

Easy right? Just boil, pour, and simmer! It’s important that the water boil first before you add in the Rico Corn Rice.

Rico Corn Rice

Just like regular rice, you can use Rico to whip up yummy garlic rice (sinangag) simply by sauteing minced garlic in cooking oil till light brown in color and mixing salt and other ingredients with previously cooked Rico.

Rico Corn Rice

In this particular version of sinangag, La Filipina Corned Pork was added to the mix. Wow, it smelled really good, we were all quite excited to try it.

Rico Corn Rice

It was surprisingly delicious. I have some Rico Corn Rice and La Filipina Corned Pork at home, I think I will give this simple recipe a try one of these days. My kids are currently on their summer vacation so they have more time to enjoy leisurely breakfasts.

Rico Corn Rice

To show us the versatility of Rico Corn Rice, it was used in this elaborate paella dish.

Rico Corn Rice

We also had another version of garlic rice using Rico, this time there were chopped parsley and walnuts added in. It was really good!

Rico Corn Rice

This is my plate, I had half Rico garlic rice and half Rico paella with some ribs, chicken, and veggies. It’s really like eating rice. There is the faint scent of corn with every spoonful so it’s not exactly like the white rice most of us are used to. I suggest serving it as garlic rice when introducing it to the family since it will take getting used to if you are using it in place of rice.

Rico Corn Rice

Daughter preferred the garlic rice to the paella and was actually able to finish a serving!

Rico Corn Rice

Wow, we had sweetened Rico Corn Rice with fresh mangoes for dessert and it was surprisingly good! I actually had two cups, lol!

Rico Corn Rice

One of the reasons why I’m so gung-ho about this product is because of its low glycemic index. I come from a family of diabetics. In fact, one of the reasons why my dad got so sick is diabetes. Food with a low glycemic index is broken down slowly and causes a gradual rise in glucose levels so it’s less likely to contribute to high blood sugar. Having high blood sugar will eventually lead to prediabetes and then diabetes and so I’d like to do everything I can to prevent it.

Rico Corn Rice

The Rico Corn Rice launch was a family event and so I went with hubby and daughter. Our son wasn’t feeling well that day so he was unable to come with us.

Rico Corn Rice costs P70 for a 1kg pack, P125 for a 2kg pack, and P300 for a 5kg pack. Yes, it costs more than regular rice but then you don’t need to cook or eat as much because it’s got a high satiety value so it makes you feel full longer. We ate at around 3pm and I was still kind of full come 7pm that evening.

Rico Corn Rice is available at the following supermarkets:

  • Ever
  • Pioneer Supermarket
  • Sta. Lucia
  • Landmark
  • Hi-Top Supermarket

It will soon be available at all leading supermarkets.

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