Recession Coffee by Digital Walker

Who says good coffee is pricey? At Recession Coffee by Digital Walker, you decide how much you want to pay for a great cup of coffee.

Recession Coffee by Digital WalkerRecession Coffee is located inside Digital Walker at Eastwood Mall. You can browse around for gadgets and accessories while getting your caffeine fix.

Recession Coffee by Digital WalkerI love the bright and predominantly wood-themed counter area. You can check out pretty much everything Recession Coffee has to offer (coffee and pastries) here.

Recession Coffee by Digital WalkerThe coffee menu doesn’t have prices because you pay what you want. You can pay P20 and they would still brew you an excellent cup. We asked the staff though and they said on average most people pay P50 to P100. Nice! 😀

Recession Coffee by Digital WalkerAside from pay-what-you-want coffee, they have a jar of free candies at the counter area.

Recession Coffee by Digital WalkerThey also have a selection of both sweet and savory pastries. Now these have price tags, lol.

Recession Coffee by Digital WalkerYou can further customize your coffee with an assortment of sweeteners. You can help yourself to some drinking water too.

Recession Coffee by Digital WalkerLechones (Lechon + Scones P75)

Marj and I decided to try the Lechones (Lechon + Scones), which are well… scones cooked with bits of pork. Instead of clotted cream, it’s served with a savory sauce on the side. Um… I prefer the regular scones with clotted cream lol. I didn’t really taste much lechon in this one.

Recession Coffee by Digital WalkerWe were interested in the Milo Banana Muffins but since we just had lunch at Santouka, we were kind of full so we skipped them. It’s on my to-try list for next time though.

Recession Coffee by Digital Walker#LoveWins Chocolate Cake (P150) and Scout’s Honor Triple Cookie (P110)

We decided to go for desserts — #LoveWins Chocolate Cake and Scout’s Honor Triple Cookie. I loved the cookie — super chewy with chocolate chips, oatmeal, raisins, marshmallows… lol, it’s a combination of 3 different cookies after all. Marj loved the cake, whereas I found it a tad dry.

Recession Coffee by Digital WalkerHot Cappuccino (you can order it cold)

Okay since I had no idea what the quality of the coffee was going to be like, I decided to pay P20 for a piping hot um… glass of Hot Cappuccino. Lo and behold, the coffee is excellent! I love it! This Hot Cappuccino is definitely the best thing I ordered that day! I have a suggestion though… it’s kind of hard to drink hot coffee from a glass with no handle so perhaps they can consider serving hot coffee in the usual cups / mugs?

Recession Coffee by Digital WalkerI hope they open a branch closer to me soon! 😀

Recession Coffee by Digital Walker
3/F Eastwood Mall,
E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Libis, Quezon City

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