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People these days are spending so much more time in front of their screens. Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or connecting with friends and family, it’s usually the phone, tablet, or computer we turn to. That said, our eyes are exposed to a lot more blue light than usual. Blue light contributes to digital eyestrain and too much blue light that goes to your retina may cause damage. That said, we need to protect our eyes. That’s where Peculiar Eyewear comes in.

Peculiar EyewearPeculiar Eyewear offers a range of gradeless protective eyewear that blocks harmful light from the sun and from digital devices. I myself use graded eyeglasses with lens that blocks blue light. But what about my family members who don’t have eyeglasses? I just got them protective glasses Peculiar Eyewear.

Peculiar EyewearPeculiar Eyewear comes in many different designs. Each pair comes with its own case, microfiber cloth, and harmful light tester (light and card).

Peculiar EyewearI used to be skeptical about this whole concept. But this harmful light test is very, very convincing. I tried shining the light on the white rectangle on the card.

Harmful Light TesterThe spot I aimed the light on turned purple. The longer you point the light at it, the darker purple it becomes.

Peculiar EyewearI tried shining the blue light with the lens blocking the tester card.

Harmful Light TesterWow, the light did not cause the card to turn the least bit purple. This means the lenses are effective in blocking blue light.

ANDY EyewearThere are many styles to choose from for both men and women. This is ANDY, it comes in several different colors as well as options for transition lenses. Price ranges from ₱498 to ₱998 depending on which option you choose. This 4.4, it will be sold for ₱398 at their Shopee store!

Clubmaster EyewearThis is the CLUBMASTER. I got my daughter a pair and this is the style she chose. Price for this style ranges from ₱448 to ₱998. We got BlackGold-BLUESHIELD.

Alex EyewearThis is ALEX. The frame is metallic and you can choose from several different colors.

Don’t forget to check out Peculiar Eyewear on Shopee! My daughter has been using her pair for several months now (we got them last year) and she said it’s effective in preventing eyestrain. This 4.4, you can enjoy big discounts, free shipping, and lots of coin cashbacks!

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