My Prada Saffiano Continental Wallet

I’ve been looking for a nice wallet ever since I discovered that the Burberry wallet my stepdad gave me had a tear on the side. I had been using it for the last 7 years so I felt I had gotten really great mileage from it.

Prior to that, I had been using a Salvatore Ferragamo leather wallet which I bought when I was 18. I used it for a whopping 16 or 17 years until my bag was stolen. I eventually recovered my bag and wallet. It had been abandoned on a bus. The bus company called our office because my employee ID was there. Of course, it was already devoid of all cash and gadgets. Luckily, my IDs and keys were still there. I bought that Ferragamo wallet for HK$3,500. The exchange rate was HK$1 to P3.5 then so it cost around P12,250. My Ferragamo wallet was intact when I recovered it, but I didn’t want anything to do with it anymore. My bag getting stolen at fast food joint was super traumatic. I just wanted to be rid of the bag and everything that reminded me of that day.

Luxury Bag FairGiven the long life span of the wallets I use, I have no qualms buying an expensive wallet. Anyway, remember I went to Malaysia for Julie’s Biscuits last August? I was so lucky because when we arrived at our hotel, Novotel Kuala Lumpur, there was a Luxury Bag Fair in one of its function halls! We arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Malacca on August 27 so it was perfect! The Luxury Bags Fair was ongoing from 10am to 7pm. It promised 50% to 70% off retail prices. I was able to go at 5:30pm. Our group had to meet up at the lobby by 6pm so I didn’t have much time.

Prada Saffiano WalletI immediately checked out the wallets on display. Participating brands included Prada, Balenciaga, Celine, Michael Kors, Coach, etc. The Prada Saffiano Continental Wallet caught my eye. It was already 5:45pm then, they were closing at 6pm. I immediately asked how much it costs. It was RM1,500+. I did a quick computation and it came out to around P19k. Baltic Blue was my choice of color. I paid for it right away. I only checked the prices in other countries after the fact lol. Turns out I got a really good deal because it sold for US$680 + Sales Tax (over P35,000) at Neiman Marcus and C$820 + Sales Tax (over P35,000) at the Prada Online Store. When I finally got my credit card bill, it came out to P18,000+. What a steal! It really did come out to 50% off the SRP.

prada_saffiano_wallet2When it comes to wallets I prefer long and slim leather ones with lots of card pockets. I also want one with a zipper-type coin compartment. The Prada Saffiano Continental Wallet fit the bill.

prada_saffiano_wallet3It came with a Prada Authenticity Card.

prada_saffiano_wallet4I would’ve preferred silver hardware but gold was what they had.

prada_saffiano_wallet5There’s a zipper at the back for any extra stuff you want to stash — it’s not for coins. There’s a separate coin compartment inside the wallet.

This Prada Saffiano Continental Wallet is definitely the best souvenir I brought home from Malaysia lol.

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  • Reply Liz A October 27, 2016 at 2:46 am

    Nice wallet! And I agree with the silver hardware. It looks better on that kind of blue. I never really can part with that kind of amount though. Haha! It still overwhelms me when I see 5-digit priced items despite the authenticity. 🙂

  • Reply Nerisa October 27, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    wow! This wallet looks really nice. Sana I could go to Malaysia too and get the same deal as you. It’s really a steal e.

  • Reply Michelle October 27, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    I like your choice of color. It looks so nice! But I know I can’t afford wallets priced as much as Prada. Hehe. Medyo in my dreams ang brand na ito para sa akin. But who knows? Dreams do come true! Hehe

  • Reply Juvy Ann October 27, 2016 at 10:29 pm

    So expensive Sis, the most expensive wallet I owned cost about P3500 and felt bad about it. I imagined how many poor kids would have eaten well that day, if I just donated my P3500 to charity and bought a generic brand. They do look good and lasts long, but the cost is just outrageous.

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