Pokemon Cakes at Boulangerie 22!

Pokemon Cakes??? Your read right. Boulangerie 22, one of my favorite bakeshops, just released super cute Pokemon cakes! Had these come out last month I would’ve gotten one for my son’s 16th birthday lol.

Pokemon Cakes at Boulangerie 22Which pokemons are in the lineup? Jigglypuff, Pikachi, and Snorlax!

Pokemon Cakes at Boulangerie 22Pokemon Cakes at Boulangerie 22Pokemon Cakes at Boulangerie 22OMG! They all look and sound so yummy I honestly don’t know which one to get first. My daughter’s vote goes to Pikachu. What about you, which cake would you like to try? I heard Boulangerie 22 customers who have bought these Pokemon cakes have a hard time slicing them. It’s not because they’re hard but because they’re just too cute!

Pokemon Cakes at Boulangerie 22If you want more Pokemon, you can get Pokemon Macarons (P195 per box of 5). The crisp meringue Pokemon shells are filled with smooth buttercream. Careful though… it’s hard to stop eating once you start hahaha, I speak from personal experience.

These Pokemon goodies are now available at all Boulangerie 22 stores. Log on to http://boulangerie22.ph/ for a complete list.

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  • Reply yasmina March 29, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    I got the Pikachu for my nephew birthday and Jiggly Puff for my sister’s birthday. The Pikachu fondant was not a hit with the kids because it was lemon flavored (of course, it’s yellow), but they did like the chocolate layered cake within. Personally, I love the Jiggly Puff. It tastes exactly like their Strawberry Surprise sliced cake. There are actual strawberries pieces inside the moist sponge cake. The tangy sourness of the strawberry complements the sweetness of the icing/fondant. I love how the strawberry flavor is fresh and not artificial at all!

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