Please go out there and VOTE!

I’m not the least bit interested in politics nor am I interested in campaigning for any specific candidate here on my blog (although I did go to one candidate’s blogger event a long time ago due to sheer morbid curiosity)… and no, I did not vote for him this time around. I even refused to post political ads here on my blog even when offered payment.

Indelible ink on my finger

Although I reside in Quezon City now, I’ve lived in Caloocan City all my life and so I am still a registered voter there. That said, it’s not really all the convenient for me because I have to wake up early every election day and drive all the way to Caloocan just to vote at the earliest time possible. This morning was no exception. I drove all the way to my dad’s house and went to the precint with my aunt, cousin, and our helpers there. I finished voting by 9am this morning.< I saw my brother looking sleepy. I asked him if he was voting, he said no. I asked him why not? The precint is just like 2-3 corners away from our dad's house. He just smiled. The sad thing is, my brother is not the only person I know who isn't voting today. I know a lot of people who are now out of town, out of the country, and well, just lounging at home. Like me they are all educated, having graduated from good schools. They see what's happening to our country. They know what's right and wrong. But they are not going to vote. Our precint in Caloocan is located in Bagong Barrio, which is admittedly a pretty depressed area... but wow, the masses appeared in droves, diligently lining up to vote. They were pretty loud and chatty about who they were voting for and yes, this is the crowd whose vote usually goes to celebrities or political dynasty members with a lot of name recall. And we wonder why actors, political scions, and the like always end up in office. Then we complain. Then we put down the system. The more important question is... did you at least do your part to help get us out of this vicious cycle? A lot of you think that your single vote will not do much. It won't count. Jeez, put together all the votes of people who remain at home thinking that and I'm pretty sure we will end up with a substantial number. There is still time. For the love of all that's good, please go out there and vote.

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