Trying out the all-new Smart Watch from PLDT HOME Telpad

We’ve been PLDT HOME DSL subscribers for several years now. The way they keep innovating their service never fails to amaze me.

PLDT HOME Telpad Smart WatchThis time, for just an additional P199 a month to your new or existing PLDT HOME Telpad Plan, you can avail of a cool new Smart Watch for your kids! There are 2 models available. We got the one pictured above which features a SIM card slot. You can make and receive calls through the watch’s SIM or via Bluetooth when connected to a mobile phone.

PLDT HOME Telpad Smart WatchThe Smart Watch can be paired with the Telpad via Bluetooth so you can get all the app notifications you get on your Telpad as well as on your Smart Watch. It also functions just like a smartphone. You can send and receive text messages with it.

PLDT HOME Telpad Smart WatchIt has a full keypad for data input.

PLDT HOME Telpad Smart WatchThe watch also has useful built-in apps and features like the Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, FM Radio, Calculator, etc. The Anti-Lost feature allows the watch to be connected to a Telpad or a smartphone. The wearer is alerted if the connected gadget is 30 meters away from the watch. The watch can also be used to locate connected Telpad or smartphones by prompting the gadgets to make a sound once a button on the watch is pressed.

PLDT HOME Telpad Smart WatchSo my daughter tried out her brand new Smart Watch from PLDT HOME. She loves how cool it makes her feel with the gadget on her wrist. The interchangeable clock face also allows her to express herself. Plus, it makes it easier for her to tell time!

PLDT HOME Telpad Smart WatchSince it has a sim slot, my daughter doesn’t need a separate phone to contact me. She can send and receive messages directly via the Smart Watch. She’s also very amused by the Pedometer which counts her steps. She’s been walking all over the house just to see it in action. There’s a calculator too, which is really useful because she’s required to bring one for math class sometimes.

Personally I think the Smart Watch that comes with my PLDT HOME Telpad plan is a brilliant idea. Some schools don’t allow kids to bring cellphones, but almost all students are allowed to wear watches. I want to have a way with which to contact my kids in case there’s an emergency. These few months are typhoon season and there are times when classes are suddenly called off midday. Logistics are always a nightmare when that happens. Equipped with the Smart Watch, my daughter now has a way to keep in touch with me even if she can’t bring a cellphone.

PLDT HOME subscribers who upgrade to a Telpad plan automatically get a FREE 1Mbps speed boost, and for only an additional P199 per month, they can already top up with a powerful Smart Watch. The watch and free speed boost are also available to existing Telpad subscribers.

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