PLDT Home and their most advanced Telpad!

We’ve been subscribed to PLDT for the last 3-4 years. We’re very happy with our fast and stable DSL connection. I’m really glad that PLDT is continuously innovating and providing services that make life easier and more convenient.

PLDT Home Telpad

Anyhow, sometime last week, PLDT introduced the most advanced PLDT HOME Telpad. In case you’re not familiar with the PLDT HOME Telpad, it’s a unique handset unit which combines a tablet and a telephone. You can use it to call, e-mail, play games, watch videos, surf the internet, and more. Aside from that, Telpad plans also come with a HOME DSL speed boost!

PLDT Home Telpad

The PLDT HOME Telpad can do even more things. Let’s start with using it to control your TV. Turn it on, turn it off, change channels, adjust the volume… yes it works just like a remote control. In order for us to experience the full power of the PLDT HOME Telpad HC7, five different stations were set up during the event for guests to visit. Let me to walk you through its functions:

PLDT Home Telpad
Station 1: Telpad HC7 Controlling TV and DVD Player

The first station was beside the TV. As demonstrated above, the PLDT HOME Telpad can control the TV and also the DVD Player.

PLDT Home Telpad
Station 2: Telpad HC7 Controlling FAM CAM

Another thing the PLDT HOME Telpad can control is the advanced FAM CAM.

PLDT Home Telpad

How is this different from the basic FAM CAM that I have? For starters it has pan, tilt, and zoom functions. It also has a built-in mic and speaker for 2-way communication. You can not only see but also talk to your family members across the miles in real time. There’s also an SD card slot on this model.

PLDT Home Telpad
Station 3: Telpad HC7 High Fidelity Speakers (Via Bluetooth)

The PLDT HOME Telpad is equipped with built-in bluetooth speakers so you can listen to the music you have in your gadgets’ playlists anytime.

PLDT Home Telpad
Station 4: Telpad HC7 as WIFI Repeater

Do you have places at home where the WIFI signal can’t quite reach? Just place your PLDT HOME Telpad unit there and voila, you’ve got yourself a WIFI repeater so you’ll never lose access to the internet.

PLDT Home Telpad
Station 5: Telpad HC7 DLNA Capability

Yes, the PLDT HOME Telpad is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) capable. This simply means you can use it for more lifestyle-related activities such as home automation.

PLDT Home Telpad

You can connect to your home devices and control them via the PLDT HOME Telpad. Turn the aircon on or off (and even adjust the temperature), dim the lights, turn up the music… you can customize and control your Living Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, etc.

Sometimes we forget to turn off the lights, TV, or aircon at home when we’re out. We can just turn everything off using the PLDT HOME Telpad’s reservation function where you can set a time for when to turn off your appliances at home. This is really awesome because you know you have backup plan to help you conserve energy in your home. Given all the things it can do, it’s really an integral part of a connected home. 🙂

The most advanced PLDT HOME Telpad is available on PLDT HOME DSL plans 990 and up. Log on to for more information. All PLDT HOME Telpad Plans come with landline, broadband, and tablet. You can add as low as P500 per month to your existing PLDT HOME DSL Plan to upgrade to a PLDT HOME Telpad Plan. Just add P145 for 12 months to avail of the most advanced Telpad.

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