Plana Forma, a new workout at The Fort!

I’m really determined to lose weight this summer while I have the time to workout. I get bored easily though so I need variation in whatever routine it is that I’m taking part of. Thus when I was given a chance to try Plana Forma, I grabbed the opportunity. The former PR person contacted me while I was on vacation in the US and said that she had enrolled me in five sessions.

Plana Forma at The FortMy first session was a semi-fiasco because I got lost trying to find the building the studio was located in. It’s in a pretty remote part of The Fort and my GPS was going around in circles because it could not identify the one-way streets. Anyhow, they were already almost at the end of warm-up when I got there… I caught maybe the last 2 minutes before the actual workout started. I couldn’t really take photos due to my late arrival and so I’m using the official Plana Forma website’s studio photos for this post. As you can see, the workout area is carpeted.

Plana Forma at The FortYou use a ball, a strap, a thick cushioned mat, and a thin yoga mat for Plana Forma. You als use dumbbells during warm-up. I thought it was like Barre3, but it’s not. It combines yoga, pilates, AND dance. It’s 55 minutes long and it really targets your abs, thighs, and legs. I think it’s great since those are major problem areas for me. My legs were shaking due to the sheer intensity and challenge of the squats, lifts, and pulses. It’s a lot faster in pace compared to yoga, pilates, and Barre3. My butt, legs, and other body parts were actually sore even after a couple of days had already passed.

Celine, me, Phoem Baranda, Pinky Webb after Plana Forma

From left to right: Plana Forma instructor Celine, me, Phoem, Pinky

There were actually several celebrities working out at the studio that day. I bumped into Phoem Baranda and Pinky Webb. Pinky and I had inadvertently exchanged locker keys since we were beside each other the first few minutes before the instructor transferred me to a more spacious area. I opened my locker after the session and simply did not recognize the bag inside, so I went back to the studio found out that Pinky and I had each other’s keys.

A single class costs P650 while a 5-class package costs P2,900. One month unlimited membership costs P5,300 but if you’re a newcomer you can get it for P3,000 so you can decide if Plana Forma is for you or not at a lower cost. Class schedules change on a weekly basis, I suggest visiting their website for more information.

I have a few more sessions to go and I plan on being on time for them! 🙂

Plana Forma
6/F Jecoprime Building
20th Drive, Mckinley Business Park,
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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