Pinkbox for baby, Pinkbox for mommy!

Well, not baby exactly… my little girl is 7 years old but you know how daughters will always be baby girls in their mommy’s eyes. Anyway… I admit I spend a lot on hair accessories for my little girl. She actually has more than I do since she likes to keep her hair long and I can’t let her go to school looking disheveled! When I’m abroad I always keep an eye out for more unique designs — I still remember getting her tamagotchi (yes, the virtual pet!) ponytail holders when I went to Japan.

Pinkbox accessoriesI’ve always known Pink Box as a children’s brand endorsed by Carmina Villaroel’s daughter Cassie and I’ve actually visited their mall outlets in the past. I was pretty excited when I got the invite for the Pink Box Tea Party which would also launch accessories for us mommies. I was just getting settled in my seat when we were handed welcome gifts consisting of a colored rubber bands and a pair of silver hoop earrings. I’ve been looking for silver hoop earrings for a while now so it couldn’t be more timely. 🙂

Pinkbox Tea PartyIt was a very intimate affair. There were lots of girl talk among fellow bloggers while munching on cute and tasty nibbles like these mini vegetable sandwiches. We also had yummy pizza, pasta, and French macarons! 😀

Nelly See of PinkboxThe owner of Pinkbox, Nelly See, talked about how the business sprung from her frustrations as a mom ten years ago. She just couldn’t find nice accessories for her daughters — the good ones were branded and overly expensive. The cheap ones were of low quality. Most of the designs being sold were of Disney characters as well and Nelly wanted something different! She went to China and had a look at what was available. She imported accessories and started selling to family and friends. Soon, she had enough volume to have her own designs. Pinkbox now has 27 company-owned stores and numerous franchisees all over the country.
Winning pink look of the day!We were all asked to come dressed in pink, and for good reason — the best dressed blogger gets a special gift from Pinkbox! Fashion blogger Verniece Enciso bagged it with this Alice in Wonderland tea party-inspired look.

Tikoy from PinkboxSince the Chinese New Year was coming up at the time of the event we all got to take home a beautifully wrapped box of tikoy.

Pinkbox hair accessoriesWe also got to pick our own Pinkbox loot at the event. I got these colored ponytail holders and clips for my little girl.

Pinkbox rubber bandsThese colored bands are my favorite. They come in a pack of five and cost only P49.75.

Pinkbox rubber bandsThey’re very versatile, secure, and easy to remove. No snagging or tugging, it just slips off the hair.

Pinkbox clipsPinkbox clips are cute too! My daughter actually used these to school the very next day. 😀

Pinkbox accessoriesI grabbed some accessories for myself as well. The silver hairband costs P219.75 just to give you an idea.
Pinkbox accessoriesPinkbox accessories are not limited to hair ornaments, they now also have fashionable earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

silver hoop earrings from Pinkbox

I love these silver hoops!

Bracelets from Pinkbox

The bracelet set I picked fits me perfectly too!

You’ll be in for a real treat the next time you stop by a Pinkbox outlet since you can now shop for yourself and your little girl at the same time! 😀

For a complete list of Pinkbox outlets, log on to or visit Pinkbox’s official FB page at

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