Philam Life Camp Live Better with Solenn, Nico, and Mond!

When you say insurance, it’s inevitable that DEATH comes to mind. It’s just the way it is… because when do you actually collect from insurance? When someone is dead or gravely injured or terminally ill. It’s not at all fun and games — except if you’re with Philam Life! Instead of mulling over when people are going to die, Philamlife came up with Philam Vitality, a wellness app which encourages customers to live better. The healthier life you lead, the more points you gain, and the more rewards you redeem!

Philamlife Camp Live BetterTo further illustrate how we can all live better, Philam Life has come up with a 3-episode web series entitled Camp Live Better. These videos feature Philam Life ambassadors Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico, and Mond Gutierrez. Solenn, Nico, and Mond lead teams of 3 people each through 14-day wellness journey, powered by Philam Vitality. The teams will battle through challenges related to fitness, wellness, food, and finance. The team with the most points will win a luxurious wellness trip to Bali, Indonesia.

Philamlife Camp Live BetterWe watched all 3 Camp Live Better videos in a special screening last Thursday. They were actually very entertaining. It’s kind of like watching a Reality Game Show with equal parts of fun and excitement. If you’ve watched any of Solenn and Nico’s IG or YouTube videos, the content is pretty much in tune with their usual material.

Philamlife Camp Live BetterFind out how you too can live a longer, healthier, and better life by watching the Camp Live Better web series at To learn more about the Philam Vitality program, call 528-2000.

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