Pepper Lunch at Shangri-la Plaza Mall

One weekend, we decided to eat at Pepper Lunch Shangri-la Mall. I brought my Enjoy Philippines card and booklet because it had a coupon for Buy 1 Take 1 at Pepper Lunch.

Pepper Lunch Shangrila MallMy kids love Pepper Lunch. Whenever we are at Robinsons Magnolia they would insist on eating at Pepper Lunch Express. Their default order is always Beef Pepper Rice.

Pepper Lunch Shangrila MallWe were there a little before 11am so we had the place to ourselves.

Pepper Lunch Shangrila MallWe went to the counter, placed our orders, and then we were given a number.

Pepper Lunch Shangrila Mall I wanted to take full advantage of my Enjoy Philippines coupon so I ordered the Tokusen “Big” Rib Eye Steak (P635). Unlike the Beef Pepper Rice it comes with mashed potatoes, corn, and string beans.

img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-33095" src="" alt="Pepper Lunch Shangrila Mall" width="800" height="532" />You can order Mixed Pepper Rice a la carte anyway for P85.

img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-33095" src="" alt="Pepper Lunch Shangrila Mall" width="800" height="532" />Here’s how the Tokusen “Big” Ribeye Steak looks like when fully cooked. It’s very flavorful, juicy, and relatively tender. There’s quite a bit of fat though but that contributes to the rich flavor of the meat.

Pepper Lunch Shangrila MallFor my free dish, I opted for the Shimofuri Pepper Steak (P598).

Pepper Lunch Shangrila MallThis is how the Shimofuri Pepper Steak looks like when fully cooked. It’s served with beansprouts, sweet corn kernels, and string beans on the side plus a bowl of steamed white rice. If you prefer the Mixed Pepper Rice, you can pay additional P60 to have the white rice upgraded. This steak has less fat compared to the Tokusen but it’s also less tender. I noticed there was quite a bit of ligaments (litid) too. Not bad though, especially considering I got it on a buy 1 take 1 deal. If I were to choose between the two my vote would go to the Tokusen though.

Pepper Lunch Shangrila MallMy daughter had her favorite Beef Pepper Rice (P198). I still think that this gives the best value for money among all the menu items. It’s delicious and reasonably priced plus it’s a winner even with picky kids. 🙂
Pepper Lunch Shangrila MallYou’re supposed to mix it all up until the beef is fully cooked. It should look something like this. You can put additional sauces to adjust the taste (they are provided on your table).

Pepper Lunch Shangrila MallMy son decided to try Garlic Beef Pepper Rice (P215), which is basically still Beef Pepper Rice except that it’s loaded with garlic and topped with crispy fried garlic chips. He enjoyed it all the same.

Pepper Lunch Shangrila MallFor dessert we had Crepe a la Mode (P145). A slice of what seems like cake, except that it’s actually thin chewy crepes layered one on top of the other is frosted with what tastes like creamy vanilla custard. It’s soooo good. You can have it by itself (P120) or with a cup of vanilla soft serve ice cream drizzled with caramel on the side (a la mode).

I love that Pepper Lunch offers free-flowing water from a dispenser so we don’t need to order drinks when we’re there. We usually just have water anyway, lol. Blame it on our Chinese upbringing. I still hear my grandfather’s voice in my head telling me no one is ordering drinks to this day, haha!

Pepper Lunch
Garden Court Level
Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Ortigas Center,
Mandaluyong City

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