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I am the first to admit that I am not the conventional woman. I hate flowers. I’m addicted to video games. I don’t cook. Have I also told you that I’m also not very much into jewelry? I don’t change watches and I’ve been wearing the exact same Philippe Charriol cable bracelet for the last decade. It only cost me 3.5k when I bought it back in 1999.

Pearls for sale at JewelmerWhen I was invited to a Pearl 101 session with Jewelmer last June 25, I immediately said yes. I am always excited by the prospect of learning something, especially about something as pretty and precious as pearls.

A string of pearls by JewelmerA pearl is an organic gem (meaning it comes from living organisms) that is harvested from mollusks (mussels, oysters, etc) that live in either fresh water or salt water. Production can be either natural or induced. When it is induced, the result is a cultured pearl — and I must say, Jewelmer seems to have perfected the art of culturing pearls, specifically South Sea Pearls which the Philippines is known all over the world for.

Basically there are five factors that determine a pearl’s value:

  • Shape – how perfectly round a pearl is
  • Skin Purity – how flawless the surface is
  • Color – ranges from gold, champagne, white, rose, silver, and blue
  • Size – measured in millimeters, with 11-13mm as the average size
  • Orient – refraction of light as it passes through the aragonite layers… in short, luster
But how do you know if a pearl is real?
  • x-ray machine
  • gemological equipment or laboratory
  • rubbing pearls against each other or rubbing against your teeth
  • buying from reputable jewelers

Jewelmer Advocacy BraceletJewelmer also introduced its Advocacy Bracelet. A single golden pearl is strung with tiny wooden shell-like ornaments. It retails for P2,500. Proceeds from the sales of Advocacy Bracelets will go to the Save Palawan Seas Foundation.

Wearing the Jewelmer Advocacy Bracelet

It’s a really nice accessory. Perfect for casual daily wear.

Pearl on the Jewelmer Advocacy BraceletThe pearl I got had a slightly oval shape but it’s very smooth and pretty nonetheless. 🙂

Jewelmer Advocacy Bracelet, back viewThese cute wooden ornaments adorn the back part of the bracelet. You can adjust the string to fit. 🙂

I can say that I’ve gained a new appreciation for pearls thanks to Jewelmer. I have to save up if I want to buy a lovely pearl set though. 😀
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    Where do I purchase this jeweler advocacy bracelet? I’m obsessed! Please tell me where to get it on line to shop here in Texas.


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