Our Pampanga’s Best Home Business Experience

Last September, my stepmom and I started a small home-based Pampanga’s Best business. For those who aren’t familiar with Pampanga’s Best, it’s a Filipino brand of meat products like tocino, longganisa, tapa, etc. I was posed with the challenge of starting and maintaining a Pampanga’s Best home-based business starting with P5,000 worth of products.

Pampangas BestThe first major challenge was where to put the products. I only have one refrigerator at home. Pampanga’s Best products have to be placed in a freezer. Given that we already have existing content inside our freezer, it took a bit of reorganizing to accommodate them. I immediately thought of my stepmom who runs a canteen. I figured a Pampanga’s Best home-based business would better benefit her and my brothers especially as my dad passed away a few years ago. She also has more freezer space compared to me so I drove over to her place in Caloocan. I consigned all the items to her. I gave everything at cost. She had the option to sell the products as is to canteen patrons or cook them and sell them as meals for lunch and merienda. I told her she had free reign on the pricing and she could keep all the profits. It should work because the printing press employs maybe 200+ to 300+ people.

If you’re planning to start a full-blown Pampanga’s Best home business, make sure you have enough freezer space to put all the products in. As far as I know Pampanga’s Best has dealership packages which include a freezer. A dedicated freezer will give you ample space for up to more than P5k worth of products so you can sell more. The minimum order for Pampanga’s Best to deliver products to you at dealer’s prices is P3k, so it really makes sense to have a designated space for them.

Pampangas BestTapsilog, Tocilog, or Longsilog. You can also sell Hamburgers and Hot Dog sandwiches since they have burger patties and a variety of sausages. This is what my stepmom did. She offered cooked meals with Pampanga’s Best’s wide selection of meat products. Pampanga’s Best became part of her lunch and merienda selection at the canteen. As such, you have to be familiar with the products. According to my stepmom, Pampanga’s Best’s dealer prices are lower than her source for processed meat products so it was better for her.

I initially thought of selling online but given that the products need to be frozen, it wasn’t really a viable option because of shipping concerns. You can however advertise online so people know you’re a Pampanga’s Best dealer. That way they can contact you and place orders. Given that my stepmom’s canteen is located inside my dad’s family’s printing press, I couldn’t ask people to go there since the area is restricted. There are about 300+ employees though so we already had a captured market.

Pampangas BestFrom our starting stock of P5,000 worth of products, we were able to make an average of 20% profit selling frozen and cooked items. So P5,000 became P6,000 and we would re-order P3,000 worth of items every time stocks went down. So P3,000 would become P3,600. At 20% profit, we would recoup the initial P5,000 investment after selling P25,000 worth of products. There wasn’t really any additional operational costs apart from the money used to order products. We used an existing freezer and we didn’t have to get additional manpower to start selling.

I guess the most important takeaway from this is you don’t really need a huge amount of money to get the ball rolling when starting a business. With Pampanga’s Best’s dealership program, all you really need are P5,000 pesos and freezer space in order to start selling. With a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless. If you live in a compound, start by offering products to your neighbors. With willingness and determination, you can enjoy the sweet taste of success with Pampanga’s Best. 🙂

For more information about Pampanga’s Best, their products and how to start a home-based business, log on to https://www.pampangasbest.com/. You can also check out Pampanga’s Best on Facebook.

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