Our PLDT FAM CAM is here!

Guess what arrived the other day? Our very own PLDT HOME FAM CAM! It’s available for PLDT HOME DSL Plan 1299 and up. We’re on Plan 1995 here at home so guess what, we qualify for one!

Doesn’t it look cool?

I unboxed our FAM CAM right away! First of all, it comes with an installer CD.


But what if like me, you don’t have a CD drive? You can just go to https://ph.mydlink.com/support, select the correct model, and download the setup wizard, user manual, and everything you need from there.


Okay, the FAM CAM comes with the following:

  • Power Adapter
  • CAT5 UTP Ethernet Cable
  • CD-ROM with Manual and Software

The FAM CAM is a home monitoring camera with built-in microphone, automatic light adjustment, WiFi connectivity, plus motion and sound detection. You can put it anywhere in the house, it doesn’t need a wire to be connected to a computer. With a FAM CAM, you can keep an eye on your home and your family from miles away.


Although the FAM CAM is best controlled and viewed via the PLDT Telpad, it’s mobile app-supported so you can see what’s going on via your tablet or smartphone. It’s definitely great to have if you’re out but want to say, keep an eye on the kids. There’s nothing like seeing them while talking to them in real time to give you peace of mind. I can think of a zillion uses for this — for those times when I’m out and they need me to buy something they can’t quite describe at home… when I need to confirm if a delivery is correct… when my daughter wants to show me something she drew… I don’t believe in giving my kids cellphones at this age so the FAM CAM will be an ideal way for us to communicate face to face.

For just an additional P99 a month on top of your PLDT HOME DSL Plan, the FAM CAM is an affordable alternative to more expensive CCTV systems. It’s plug and play so it’s easy to set up. You don’t need to hire technicians to install it, you can do it yourself. For as low as P1699, you can get a landline plus a PLDT HOME DSL Speed Boost and a free Quad-Core tablet.

Would you like to have a #HOMEwithFAMCAM? Log on to http://pldthome.com/famcam for details.

*This post is brought to you by PLDT.

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