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Ever since I discovered back in 1999, I’ve always had a soft spot for online shopping. Poring through pages of merchandise on my monitor and then just clicking away to order is my idea of relaxation lol.

Kamiseta Online ShoppingI’m so glad local brands like Kamiseta are joining the online shopping bandwagon. Traffic and extreme heat are making it a real chore to go places this summer. I’d rather stay in an air-conditioned room and shop.

kamiseta5Honestly speaking, I haven’t bought anything from Kamiseta in years. I used to frequent their store a lot during my college days. Then I noticed that as time passed, their designs and sizes would get smaller and younger. Well it could also be that I was the one who was growing bigger hahaha but yeah, there’s the thing about styles not being appropriate for my age.

Anyhow, out of curiosity I dropped by a Kamiseta store while waiting for my son at the mall. I was surprised at the selection. My impression was that they had mostly teeny bopper things, but apparently they’ve evolved. There were actually a lot of styles I could wear. Even their sizing has adjusted, as it now goes up to 2XL (disclaimer: I’m an L lol). In order for me to be able to shop online, I needed a clear idea of what size I was in Kamiseta so I tried on a bunch of stuff.

kamiseta2After familiarizing myself with Kamiseta’s sizing, I was confident enough to shop online.

kamiseta3The W-Charith N top was one of the things I tried on. I decided to get it in Navy and White.

Kamiseta Online ShoppingI ordered the tops on a Tuesday and got them the very next day! I’m so impressed. It was Holy Week too.

thomas_sabo_megamall1I really love my Kamiseta top!

Why shop at

  • No need to leave the house in this heat.
  • You can browse the entire store in the comfort of your own home.
  • It’s super easy to create an account and order items.
  • Items are delivered quickly. In my case, the very next day!

Downside? Well I think it’s almost impossible to order if you have no idea about their sizing. I still suggest visiting a Kamiseta store at least once just to try on different articles of clothing. That way, you can better estimate which size to order.

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  • Reply Janet Dazo July 12, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    Yes i love kamiseta too, before ang size ko small or xs, but now nasa L na ko or xL hihihi

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