OMG’s Chocolate Clusters now in the Philippines!

Last December, I received a package of chocolate OMG’s Clusters. These yummy chocolate treats are from Canada but the good news is, they’re now available here in Manila… and hopefully, soon all over the country.

OMG's Chocolate Clusters
OMG’s come in three variants — Peanut, Milk, and Dark.
OMG's Chocolate Clusters

I just got to trying them out this January because the state of my throat last December made it impossible for me to do so then. Anyhow, OMG’s come in resealable foil packs.

OMG's Chocolate Clusters

I heard that the Dark OMG’s are the best so I opened the Dark pack first.

OMG's Chocolate Clusters

According to the package description, OMG’s are chocolatey graham clusters mixed with toffee bits and either almonds or peanuts. It sounded really really sweet and so I was actually kind of skeptical.

OMG's Chocolate Clusters

The one on the left is Dark while the one on the right is Milk (Peanut looks exactly the same as Milk). Anyhow, after one bite into an OMG’s cluster I was sold. You’ll really go OMG. I think it’s the first time my tastebuds have encountered such a combination. It may look hard to bite into but it’s not since the bumps you see are mostly graham crackers. The almonds or peanuts are in very small pieces so even my daughter who has an aversion to nuts and hard foods could not stop eating these OMG’s. They’re really addictive.

So which is better, the almond or peanut variant? Both are good! They taste different but wow, I guarantee you’ll love them both.
OMG’s are available at P220 per pack at The Blue Kitchen in Shangrila Mall and Power Plant Mall. Check out OMG’s Philippines on Facebook for other retailers. For orders or inquiries, e-mail omgs.phil(at)

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