North Park Noodle House Tomas Morato

Last Thursday night, hubby and I watched a special screening of Runner Runner in Shangrila Plaza Mall. It started around 9:30pm and ended at 11pm. We felt hungry afterwards so we decided to stop by North Park Noodle House on the way home. I was surprised that they had a branch in the Tomas Morato area but hubby said it’s been there more than a year already lol.

North Park Tomas Morato Review

North Park Tomas Morato is located where Katre, a restaurant we frequented, used to be.

North Park Tomas Morato Review

Hubby ordered Wanton Braised Noodles (P163, pictured above). At North Park, whenever you order a noodle dish, they ask you what type of noodles you want. There are like 5 or 6 kinds to choose from. Hubby opted for canton noodles. This dish gives very good value for money because it’s pretty big and you get 5 pieces of shrimp-filled wanton over a pile of chewy al dente noodles.

North Park Tomas Morato Review

It even comes with a bowl of clear soup. It’s quite filling. I didn’t try the wanton because I’m allergic to shrimp.

North Park Tomas Morato Review

I had what I always order, 3 Kinds of Mushroom Noodles (P108 for Light, pictured above). The light size is enough for me. I really like the tender mushrooms which seem to have been cooked in sweet savory oyster sauce prior to steeping in the soup. I noticed that the broth tastes different every time depending on which branch I order it from. I liked that the soup in this branch wasn’t too salty nor strongly flavored. Noodles were firm and chewy, just the way I like it. My problem was some of the mushrooms had this faint strange scent which left me with the impression that maybe a roach had crawled on them somehow prior to cooking. I’ve ordered this dish too many times in the past so I can tell if something is amiss…

The service was super super slow. It took way more than half an hour for our orders to materialize so it was past midnight when we finally got to eat. I noticed that some people who came in later than us got their orders ahead of us. I was actually getting pissed off because I wanted to go home already. Although this branch is open till late, brightly lit, spacious, and conveniently located, I don’t think I’ll be back because I’ve never experienced such atrociously slow service in all the other North Park branches I’ve dined at.

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