Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play SPF 50+ Review

I got the chance to test drive Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play SPF 50+ yesterday when we went to Timberland Sports and Nature Club with the kids.

Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play SPF 50+ ReviewWe got there at around 10am. The sun was already bright and high. I immediately took out my tube of Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play SPF 50+ so my kids could get fully covered and protected before sun exposure.
Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play SPF 50+ ReviewNivea Sun Kids Swim & Play SPF 50+ is thick and creamy. I used generous squirts as I didn’t want my kids to burn from the extended exposure. They love swimming so I was expecting all of us to be in the pool for at least two hours. The timing was kind of bad since it was high noon.
Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play SPF 50+ ReviewI slathered on a whole lot of sunscreen on all the exposed body parts. My daughter even asked me why she was all white while I was applying it on her. I’m just really paranoid when it comes to the sun because I know how harmful its rays are. Anyhow, despite its thick and creamy consistency it was absorbed after I rubbed it all over my daughter’s skin. I even put some on her earlobes haha.
My daughter and I stayed in the swimming pool for about two hours and I’m amazed at how she didn’t tan or burn. I used a different sunblock (not Nivea, let’s call it Brand X) and I got burned! In fact my shoulders are all red and they sting! I should’ve roadtested the Nivea sunscreen for adults at the same time instead of that other brand. Boo hoo!
Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play SPF 50+ ReviewLuckily I was armed with Nivea Sun Moisturising After Sun Spray. I took out my spritzer right after we showered. I shared it with my friends too. One of the kids was actually crying because his skin felt itchy (at least that’s how he described it). I told my friend I suspect he was feeling the sting of sunburn and I suggested that she spray on some of this on her son and what do you know he stopped crying. He felt better immediately after. Impressive! 😀

Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play SPF 50+ ReviewAnyhow even if my daughter didn’t burn, I still sprayed on some Nivea Sun Moisturizing After Sun Spray on her. I’d describe the product as spray-on lotion. The mist comes out milky colored. It’s not very fine even if I spray it from a distance so I figured the proper way to use this is to spritz it on generously over the sun burnt (or simply sun exposed) areas for a soothing and cooling effect. You can rub it all over afterwards for more even moisturization.

Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play SPF 50+ retails for P540 while Nivea Sun Moisturizing After Sun Spray retails for P254. Nivea products are available at all leading department stores, drugstores, and Watson’s branches nationwide.

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