New Samsung Series 5 laptops starting at P29,900!

Samsung Philippines launched its latest computer offerings in a dinner event held at the Manila Peninsula last June 18, 2012. I was raring to go because I’m currently in the market for a new laptop. Although my HP Mini 311 is still in working condition, I now find it on the slow side. I experience lag whenever I use Blogger and it still flashes me the blue screen of death occasionally which stresses me out.

Samsung Smart Station Monitor
Anyhow, we started off with the Samsung Smart Station Monitor.
Samsung Smart Station Monitor

The Samsung Smart Station Monitor is a 24″ full HD monitor which serves as the hub for connecting multiple devices to your notebook. With a single USB connection you can dock your notebook to your monitor, keyboard, mouse, external hard disk, and printer. You can even display your mobile phone screen on the monitor so you can utilize your apps on a bigger space. The monitor costs P16,990.

Samsung Wireless Printers

Meanwhile, Samsung wireless printers lets you scan and print from your computer, smartphone, or tablet without a router. It uses Wireless Direct Technology which connects the printer directly to the device to be used. When paired with the Samsung Mobile Print App, you can scan and print using your smartphone or tablet right off the bat. No complicated set-up needed. Printer prices range from P4,990 to P8,990 depending on the model.

Samsung Series 5 Slim notebook

Then there were the laptops. The smallest model introduced was the Samsung Series 5 Slim, a 13.3-inch laptop which retails for P29,900. Want something more powerful? Go for the Samsung Series 5 Ultra, available in core i3 (P38,900), core i5 (P42,900), and core i7 (P54,900).

Samsung Series 5 Slim notebook

The Samsung Series 5 Slim comes in colors like pop pink (pictured above) and mocha brown. It matches momblogger‘s dress, how cool is that?

Samsung Series 9 notebook

The most powerful laptop unveiled was the Samsung Series 9, which was touted as the ultimate 15″ notebook. It runs on an Intel core i7 processor and has 8GB RAM. Booting up takes only 9.1 seconds and it’s incredibly thin and light to boot! It does cost over P70k though.
At the moment I’m leaning towards a Samsung Series 5 Ultra core i5 laptop. For a complete list of specifications and more product photos, log on to Samsung computers and peripherals are available at all Samsung dealer and distributor outlets nationwide.

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