New drinks at Serenitea!

Serenitea unveiled their new drinks for 2013 last January 25. During the heyday of my milk tea addiction (I’ve now limited myself to 1-2x a month due to weight issues), I would always order Okinawa Milk Tea with extra pearls and 0% sugar.

New Serenitea drinks

With all the new milk tea places cropping up all over the metro, there is a constant need to innovate and Serenitea’s new concoctions are proof of that. First in line are two yakult-based drinks (see the yellow cups above) — Tropical Yakult and Lychee Yakult. Tropical Yakult tasted kind of like four seasons juice with a bit of yakult. Hubby liked the Lychee Yakult better.

Cocoa Green Tea Frost at Serenitea

Next up was Cocoa Green Tea Frost. Iced chocolate is topped with a matcha green tea flavored cream cheese foam/mousse/frost. The best way to enjoy it would be not to use a straw and let the chocolate and green tea cream mix as you sip. I liked this one, the green tea cream is thick, rich, and yummy. I would probably order it at 0-25% sugar level though. All the drinks served that night were at 50% which is really too high by my standards since I have low tolerance for sweetness.

Potato Rounds at Serenitea

We also had snacks on the side while sampling the new drinks. I really like Serenitea’s peppery Potato Rounds.

Chocolate Pudding at Serenitea

Serenitea also introduced a new sinker — chocolate pudding! We were served cold Okinawa Milk Tea with chocolate pudding. I didn’t like it much… I think pearls go better with Okinawa Milk Tea.

Chaffe Milk Tea at Serenitea

Are you a coffee addict? Then Chaffe Milk Tea is the drink for you! Half tea and half coffee then bound together by milk, it brings you the best of both worlds. I liked it because even at 50% sugar level, it wasn’t too sweet.

Cookies and Cream Milk Tea at Serenitea

Last but not least is the Cookies and Cream Milk Tea. Assam Milk Tea is topped with crushed chocolate cookies and infused with a big dollop of cream… surprisingly not overly sweet as well. It will be a big hit with kids… that is, for kids who are allowed to drink tea. I seldom let my own kids drink tea because I don’t want too much caffeine in their system at such a young age. I’m fine with them drinking yakult and fruit juice-based beverages though.
Anything catch your fancy? These new Serenitea concoctions will be available at all Serenitea outlets by the end of this month. For a complete list of stores, log on to

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