Native Union Pop Phone Review

I got an interesting accessory for review some time ago, the Native Union Pop Phone. It’s a handset you connect to your gadget (cellphone, tablet, music player, etc.). I’ve actually seen quite a number of people (particularly women) lugging around something like this in their handbags. When their phone rings you see them taking out this ginormous old-school-telephone-inspired handset to talk.

Native Union Pop Phone Review

The particular model I’m reviewing is the Native Union Pop Phone in Transparent.

Native Union Pop Phone Review

Unboxing is relatively simple and straightforward since there aren’t any loose pieces. What you see is what you get.

Native Union Pop Phone Review

The transparent shell showcases a lot of colorful fuses and circuitry. Somehow I was expecting flashing lights and stuff when you receive calls but there were none, lol. I actually like this better than the solid color models I’ve seen around. The rainbow-colored cord is a nice touch too.

Native Union Pop Phone Review

I tried using it with my Samsung Galaxy Mega. It’s very user-friendly. You just plug it in where you would your earphones.

Native Union Pop Phone Review

Hahaha! I could never understand why you would need something like this but talking to someone on an old-fashioned handset like so is actually quite comfortable. Sorry about the grainy photo, I just took a selfie with my iPad’s reverse cam lol.

What I liked and discovered about Native Union Pop Phone:

  • It’s comfortable, especially when you’re talking to someone for an extended period of time. Do you ever notice how cellphones, especially high performance smartphones, get hot when you hold them by your ear for a long time? This one doesn’t get hot, hehe.
  • Voice calls are clear.
  • You can actually do other things on your phone while talking if you use this.
  • Works with virtually all gadgets.
  • You can now turn your tablet or laptop into a telephone using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) apps like Skype, Viber, etc.
  • It minimizes your radiation exposure because you don’t have to hold the phone next to your head to talk.

Downside? It’s kinda big so you will definitely need a bag to stash it in. That said, I don’t think most men will take to the idea of using one. In fact if I were using a small bag for the day I don’t see myself lugging it around. It’s a very interesting novelty item though and will probably make an entertaining gift this Christmas, lol.

The Native Union Pop Phone retails for P1,200 and is available at all Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, and Digital Walker outlets nationwide.

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