My Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid experience!

Last week, our wired broadband connection went dead so I was forced to buy my first dongle. I had a lot of things riding on the internet — submission of my magazine features, social networking projects, answering important emails, and of course my blog. It goes without saying that I really can’t be without a connection.
Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid ReviewThere are only three wireless broadband services instantly available to me: Smart Bro, Globe Tattoo, and Sun Broadband Wireless. I decided to go for Sun after reading through customer feedback in forums and consulting with my fellow bloggers. Despite really fancy ad campaigns for Smart Bro and especially Globe Tattoo, everyone basically agreed that Globe Tattoo is worthless (that is not my opinion, I’ve never tried Globe Tattoo). I’ve tried Smart Bro on a couple of occasions care of a fellow blogger and connection was intermittent (well, we were in Boracay at the time so that might have had something to do with it). Anyways, internet savvy people I’ve talked to had nice words for Sun Broadband Wireless so that was what I ended up getting.

Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid ReviewI opted for prepaid Sun Broadband Wireless since it was to serve as my emergency back-up connection. For P1,245 I got myself:

  • a brand spanking new dongle / portable modem
  • a Sun Broadband Wireless prepaid sim card
  • 120 hours of free wireless broadband access good for one (1) month
  • 1,000 free Sun-to-Sun SMS

Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid ReviewYou plug in the dongle to your computer and it automatically installs Sun Cellular’s Broadband Wireless software.

Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid ReviewThis is what the Sun Broadband Wireless dashboard looks like. I thought all I had to do was click on “Connect” and I’d be good to go. It turns out that I had to fix the settings a little. Since I had no idea what to do, I dialled 333 on my Sun cellular phone to get assistance. Sun Broadband Wireless’ call center was very prompt. My call was answered after a few rings and I was given clear instructions to follow. Soon I was able to connect.

My first time to connect was great. The speed was decent for a dongle and I was able to finish all my online tasks without a hitch. Apparently, it was a good day. I tried connecting again one evening and the speed was down to a crawl. It was difficult surfing the web let alone doing much else. A wired connection is still faster, more responsive, and more stable but Sun Broadband Wireless is pretty okay as an emergency back-up. Of course, this will work best if the Sun Cellular signal is strong in your area — otherwise there’s really no point.

What I like about Sun Broadband Wireless Prepaid:

  • It’s convenient. Since I have a Sun prepaid mobile phone, I can reload it using my cellphone load.
  • Connection speed can be pretty good. It’s continuous too, I haven’t experienced intermittent connection so far.
  • It has the most no. of free internet hours amongst its competitors.
  • It’s very easy to contact technical support.

What I don’t like about Sun Broadband Wireless:

  • Some areas still don’t have strong Sun cellular signals so mobility problems may arise.
  • Connection speed can go down to a crawl. When this happens, you can’t even load simple webpages properly.

Are you using a wireless broadband service? Which one? Please do share, I’m always open to trying out various services. 🙂

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