My P500 Evita Peroni hair band and why I would buy it again!

More than 5 years ago I bought a red Evita Peroni hair band from their Power Plant Mall boutique. I was hesitant but my sister told me it was a good investment because Evita Peroni hair accessories last practically forever. I remember going home and telling my hubby that hey, I got a P500 headband! It was really a big deal for me back then.

Evita Peroni Hair Band
This is my more-than-5-years-old red Evita Peroni Hair Band.
Evita Peroni Hair Band

I’m sure you’ve seen me wear this lots and lots of times since it’s my favorite Evita Peroni headband. I can wear it all day long and all night long because it fits perfectly and it doesn’t give me a headache. I forget it’s even on my head.

Evita Peroni Hair Band
It looks exactly like the way it did the day I bought it.
Aomori Cafe Greenhills
In fact, I just wore it to my sister’s surprise party last week.

Animetric for Sangobion

I really regret not buying it in more colors. It’s easily the best hair accessory I’ve ever owned and the fact that it’s still like new more than 5 years after I bought it makes it a helluva lot cheaper than the P200+ headband I got which broke a few hours after I used it.

Evita Peroni Philippines

Sometime in the middle of last year, I went to Evita Peroni in Greenbelt 5 and got myself a similar hair band in magenta. It cost P700+. It was just as comfy but it was made of a different fabric, stiffer than my original one so it didn’t look quite as nice. Looking back I wish I had bought all the available colors in Power Plant Mall back then!

Evita Peroni Hair Band

Oh it’s not bad… I use it when magenta goes better with what I’m wearing. It’s just the red one is better. I’ll just have to stalk Evita Peroni stores from time to time for something exactly like it in other colors.

Evita Peroni Hair Bands

I tried the thinner Evita Peroni hair bands. I forgot how much they cost since I bought them from the Evita Peroni outlet store in Hong Kong’s City Gate.

Evita Peroni Hair Band

They actually look nice. The problem is, they make the sides of my head hurt after a while… give or take 2-3 hours. The silver one is tolerable, the black wired one with stones gets really painful so I’m not using it anymore.

Evita Peroni Hair Band

What I wouldn’t give to be able to get this in ALL available colors. I think this will last me at least another 5 years, probably longer and so even if the price has gone up to P700+ I would still buy it so long as it’s in the fabric and colors want.

I really feel this is good value for money since I would’ve spent less than P100 a year for such a pretty and comfy hair accessory. Compare with the P200+ headband which lasted a total of 3 hours on my head before it broke.

For a complete list of Evita Peroni stores here in the Philippines, log on to

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