My fat problems and some lifestyle changes…

I’m still not at my ideal weight but I console myself with the fact that at least I haven’t gone back to looking like the Goodyear blimp. Longtime readers of my blog have surely seen my fat photos, but just in case you haven’t, you can peruse them here and here.

Cocktail Dress #1

You know what I dread the most? Formal events. Ugh. Weddings usually, in my case. I can always say no to media events which require a formal dress code but when it’s family and friends celebrating a special occasion, of course I have to go. Attending such an event usually requires that I wear at least a cocktail dress. Back when I was 20 lbs. heavier, that was almost impossible because I was forced to buy size XL off the racks and wow, cocktail dresses in XL are horrible because they never fit right. Plus even if they do fit, they usually resemble a curtain. Even if I’m still overweight, at least now I can wear decent clothes to such events.

Cocktail Dress #2

I’ve attended a total of two weddings this month. I only have one cocktail dress. I was forced to buy another one last week for my cousin’s wedding since I already wore the other one at another cousin’s wedding, lol. I dread buying formal clothes so much that I actually considered wearing the same lone cocktail dress again and again and again in every occasion that required one. Hubby practically dragged me to the mall so I’d get another dress. Tsk. I really need a long term solution to my fat problems. Yes I’m still fat. I keep telling myself I’ll eventually get to my ideal weight but it’s now 2014 — 2012 was the year I lost 25 lbs but I’m stuck! I want to lose 20 more. Or at least 10 more.

Serenitea Calamansi Fruitea

I’ve made a number of lifestyle changes to keep myself from regaining those pounds I’ve lost and most of them are diet-related. One of them is modifying my choice of drinks and regulating the frequency with which I have them. Back in 2011, my fattest year, hubby and I were drinking milk tea with extra pearls maybe 2x a week. These days, we have them maybe 2x a month and I no longer order the creamy variants. I usually get the clear fruit-based ones. My last order at Serenitea last week was Calamansi Fruitea with Low Sugar Pearls. Um… let me just say I’ll go back to regular pearls next time, hahaha. I do love the Calamansi Fruitea though and I’ve ordered it the last 2x I was in Serenitea. Same goes for coffee places like Starbucks. During my last several visits to Starbucks, I’ve ordered the same hot Starbucks China Green Tips Full Leaf Tea with Honey.

Xylitol Gum

Another habit I’ve established is brushing my teeth a lot, lol. I find that the minty feeling in my mouth makes me lose my appetite somehow. Since it’s not always convenient to brush, I usually bring something minty like Xylitol gum in my bag. Nothing can replace brushing but at least Xylitol also works to keep cavities at bay. If I just chew regular sugar-loaded mint gum I may end up promoting tooth decay (because hey, it’s still sugar so it’s kinda like candy). Chewing 5g of Xylitol after meals has been scientifically proven to reduce the incidence of tooth decay so yeah, it’s a nice fix until I my next brushing session.

Fresh Kiwi Juice

I’ve been trying my best to incorporate more fruits in my diet. I know it’s the better choice compared to having cakes and sugary sweets for dessert but darn I just can’t resist the latter! What I did last Christmas was pretty much pop all the fruits we got into the blender. It’s so much easier drinking them compared to eating them, hahaha. I finished a whole big box of kiwis in like 3 days doing this.

Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal

This is probably the most major change — breakfast. Hubby and I have been having Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal (we buy from Healthy Options) for breakfast for a few months now. It’s super fiber-intensive — it contains wheat, rye, oats + oat bran, triticale, corn, barley, soybeans, brown rice, millet, and flaxseed. After a bowl in the morning, you just get the urge to go to the bathroom. It’s especially good for me because I’m not all that regular when it comes to doing the number 2. It tastes like beach sand and water so I mix in some organic agave syrup and a few tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk to make it go down easier.

Dad's World Buffet

Although I still go to food events, I try my best to exercise restraint come eating time. I had only one plate at Dad’s World Buffet, would you believe? There were sooo many dishes, I think they have the biggest non-hotel buffet spread in the metro. Well two plates, since I got some puto bumbong and bread pudding for dessert on a separate plate.

If it’s one thing I lack it’s exercise. We have a stationary bike in our bedroom but having been sick on and off since December I haven’t really been on it for about a month now. Our daughter is currently showing a lot of interest in badminton and so it looks like we’ll be going back to playing soon (hubby and I used to play with friends regularly several years ago).

Anyhow, I really hope I can drop the excess weight this year! I’ll be going back to Marie France soon (took a break last December because I couldn’t handle the traffic anymore) so I hope that will speed things up.

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