My daughter’s best gift ever!

Undoubtedly the best gift my daughter received last Christmas was a guitar.

The Music Source Ali Mall

It happened kind of randomly. Sometime in December my daughter and my hubby were having a conversation about her wanting to play the guitar. She often goes to her best friend’s house on Saturdays and she said that she plays with her bff’s guitar at times. Hubby used to play a lot during our high school and college days so naturally he was more excited about it. Now one of our high school kabarkadas owns a music store called The Music Source (this is their Ali Mall branch).

The Music Source Ali Mall

Hubby took our daughter there to buy a guitar. We wanted to support our friend’s biz and in fairness, they have the best prices for musical instruments and equipment. Unknown to me, hubby had already been looking through some music stores prior.

The Music Source Ali Mall

We were going to take advantage of the holiday sale at The Music Source. Hubby and daughter picked out a nice Stagg acoustic guitar. Hubby said it’s 3/4 size (smaller than normal) so our daughter would not have a hard time playing it. He said it costs less than P2k whereas at it’s US$120+. When he was about to pay, he was informed by the staff that our friend instructed them to just give it to us. We were really surprised! Apart from asking our friend if their store carried this particular guitar size, hubby didn’t even ask for discount because we wanted to support them. 🙂

Stagg C530 Guitar Starter Pack

Anyhow that day our daughter went home with a Stagg C530 Guitar Starter Pack from The Music Source. It’s a complete package inclusive of a 3/4 sized classical guitar, clip-on chromatic tuner (and yes our daughter knows how to tune her guitar wow!), gig bag, and extra set of strings.

Stagg C530 Guitar Starter Pack

She loves the guitar so much she plays it every single day / night until her fingers are sore. Hubby taught her the basics and now she is teaching herself to play different songs like America’s “Horse With No Name” (because according to hubby this is one of the easiest songs to learn), The Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why”, and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” by watching YouTube. Hubby got her a guitar pick some time ago and she’s always using it.

This is definitely the best gift ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you to The Music Source! 😀

We’re really happy that our daughter is getting into music because as is, we feel that both our kids are much too hooked on gadgets. I try to steer her away time to time by getting her lots of books, a Rainbow Loom, art materials, etc. but she gets bored after a while. So far she’s been playing the guitar for over a month now and she’s not showing any signs of stopping so here’s hoping that she keeps at it.

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