My barista experience at Studio SnR!

I attended Studio SnR’s Coffee Tea by Me Barista Workshop last Sept. 30, 2011. Yup, useless-in-the-kitchen me was going to learn to make them fancy drinks. :p

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopI was greeted by several Saeco coffee machines when I entered the studio. There were different models for display purposes as well as for use during the workshop. Then there was one set up for some free coffee. 😀

Studio SnR Barista Workshop

I had a cappuccino from the machine. It was good. 😀

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopWe were grouped by 3’s and each group occupied a table with a machine and different ingredients for concocting coffee and tea drinks. I was in a group with Yummy Magazine Editor-in-Chief Becky Kho and photographer Patrick Martires. We got the most basic machine. It involved quite a bit of manual operation compared to the others but we liked it. 😀

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopThese Saeco coffee machines do everything including grind coffee beans. All you have to do is put the coffee beans on top of the unit and then push a button. It’s really very convenient. I usually have coffee beans ground at the place they are bought (i.e. Starbucks, Figaro, etc). With such a machine you can do everything at home. Oh yeah, we used beans from Boyd’s Coffee during the workshop.

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopThe workshop was conducted by Far Skyes Enterprise’s Franklin Tiu importer of Stasero flavored syrups and Frappe powder which are used in most of the coffee and tea concoctions we enjoy in cafes.

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopI love the appearance and aroma of freshly brewed espresso. <3

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopOur machine also has a built-in milk frother so you can top your coffee creation with foam. The frother blows hot steam into the milk to warm it and make it foam.

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopYou add the frothed milk to the espresso shot and then scoop out some foam to place on top.

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopVoila! Cappuccino… my favorite hot coffee preparation! I swirled chocolate syrup and then used a toothpick to create this design.

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopAfter the hot drinks, Franklin and his wife Peaches taught us how to make cold blended beverages.

Studio SnR Barista Workshop
You can actually do double espresso shots with the machine! All cold coffee concoctions require a double shot of espresso.

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopYou blend your double shot of espresso with some vanilla powder, ice, and other ingredients (ex: Oreos, bananas, etc.). You top it with whipped cream, syrup, and sprinkles or whatever strikes your fancy. This cold coffee drink is Becky’s concoction. 😀

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopThen came the exciting part… a contest! We were to create one cold coffee drink and one cold non-coffee drink by teams and the winners for each category would get special prizes! We were only given 10 minutes for each drink and we were to create three tasting portions for the judges. For the coffee drink, we came up with Amaretto Cookie Crunch. We tossed some Quaker Honey Oat Cookies into the blender with the usual combination of espresso + vanilla powder + syrups.

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopFor the non-coffee drink, we came up with White Banana Dream… inspired by the ice cream Becky had the day before which was White Chocolate Banana.

Guess what? Our White Banana Dream won in the non-coffee category! 😀

Studio SnR Barista WorkshopBecky balanced the banana slices by skewering them with toothpicks. I put whipped cream all around so it’s like laying on a bed of clouds. 😀

Studio SnR Barista Workshop

(From top left: Patrick, Liz, Franklin, Peaches, Becky, and myself in nerd mode)

I had lots of fun during the workshop and we all got to take home our own syrups, powder, coffee beans, and even tea bags to experiment on at home. I exaggerate not when I say that you’ll be able to sell all sorts of coffee concoctions by simply having a Saeco machine in your establishment.

I’m going to try and make Taiwan-style milk tea at home hehe. :p

If you’d like to join a future barista workshop (I’m sure there will be another one!) tune in to Studio SnR on Facebook or

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