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Playing games has always been my way of relaxing and the older I get, the more casual I want them. My kids call them “grandma games”. But hey, like whatever — after a tiring day at work I just want something simple and fun I can unwind with. Anyhow, I just want to share a newly discovered source of free casual games… Don’t let the site’s name fool you. They have way more than just card games. There are hidden object games, match 3 games, and puzzles like crosswords and sudoku… I’m pretty sure you’ll find something interesting. is a straightforward free online games site that requires no downloading of any form. There are also no ads that cut in while you play. It’s just pure gametime. The site also doesn’t ask for any personal information so it’s perfectly safe. I will always remember Solitaire as the first game I ever played on my brand new Windows PC decades ago. Solitaire and Minesweeper come bundled with the OS and so they’re all you can play out of the box.

solitaire_org3Of course I gave the solitaire games a go. Who knew there were SO MANY KINDS! Apparently, I’ve been playing Klondike all my life. After trying a few solitaire games, my favorite seems to be Mahjong Solitaire. I think it’s the combination of the cute graphics and pastel colors that got me. I couldn’t stop playing once I started. It looks easy, right? That’s what I thought too but boy was I ever soooo wrong. Thirty games later, I still had not cleared a board without using shuffle. I’m going to play again after I finish this post lol.

solitaire_org4I used to download a lot of hidden object games so I’m happy that they have several. Garden Secrets stood out for me because it looked and played a lot like what I used to download.

solitaire_org5Just find the items indicated on the bottom of the screen and click on them. The game has 10 levels which are timed. You have to beat the present level to unlock the next one. This is perfect if like me, you’d skip all the stories and dialogues of story-driven hidden object games and just go straight to finding things. That’s all there is to it here… finding things.

solitaire_org6I also tried the match 3 games. I liked Candy House because of the Hansel and Gretel feels. I’ve always wanted to find a candy house like they did and try eating it, haha!

solitaire_org7So the tiles you need to match look like Chiclets… either that or a big makeup palette. Either way it’s visually appealing. It’s the usual match 3 game where you get more points for matching 4, 5, or maybe making an L. There are 50 levels to conquer. Can I do it in one sitting? I wonder too. But let’s see! With this pandemic limiting our daily movement, we’ve got all the time in the world.

The games on are all suitable for kids, so if you have some bored children at home, they will surely find something to play here.

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    Wow! A very interactive game to play online.

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