Milo Overload — my kids’ favorite drink!

I got some sample sachets of Milo Overload to try some time ago. It’s described as the cereal drink with soya. The first thing that came to mind was how it would be the ideal snack since it’s healthy and easy to prepare.

Milo Overload
Each sachet yields one serving and retails for P6.
Milo Overload

It has become my kids’ habit (my daughter especially) to drink Milo Overload every day when they come home from school.

Milo Overload
Just open a sachet and pour the content in a cup.

Milo Overload

It’s comprised of good old chocolatey Milo and cereal bits. It’s also enriched with soya. My kids love soya milk so I was pretty sure they’d love this.

Milo Overload

Add hot or cold water and you’re good to go. My daughter prefers it cold. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare. In fact, my daughter can make it all by herself since the foil sachet has a tiny slit where you can tear it open.

Milo Overload is available at all leading supermarkets nationwide. It has become a staple for us because my kids love it so much.

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