Microsoft Windows is our family’s OS for all seasons!

It’s no big secret that computers are indispensable to our family. My husband watches over their business’ offsite factory via internet cameras. We manage the inventory and collectibles using a local network that’s rooted in a Windows Server. We use Microsoft Office programs like MS Word and MS Excel for most tasks in the office. They’re so user-friendly I don’t even need to spend time training our staff to get things done with them.

Meanwhile, I’m online most hours of the day due to my blogging, freelance writing, and other internet projects. My son who’s a fifth grader also can’t be without a computer because he actually has school assignments and projects that need to be done with a computer. Once he was tasked to do a demonstration video about fractions for math. We recorded the video using a digicam and used Windows Movie Maker to edit and add a few simple effects. He got a good grade for it too. 🙂

In the US with momBut our computer use isn’t limited to work. Since my mom is based in the US, we keep in touch through Skype internet video calls and chat. We’re lucky if we’re able to see each other once a year and so we really can’t be without a computer and internet connection.
Microsoft Windows is so intuitive and easy to use that even my 7-year old daughter can easily start up the PC and use it to call grandma. 😀

Educational video gamesThen there are games. When my kids were toddlers I remember teaching them letters, numbers, colors, and shapes through educational PC games. My kids and I love playing computer games and to date there are still more games compatible with Microsoft Windows. I like trying out all sorts of new software too and there are a lot more choices available for the PC. Thus it’s a no-brainer as to why we’ve never switched operating systems through the years.
Animetric's Sailormercury siteEver since I started to become active online back in 1998, I’ve been using Microsoft Windows as my operating system. I would use Notepad to code raw html and turn them into web pages. I used to be a big Sailormoon fan and anime addict so that screenshot you see above is from one of the sites I created using just Notepad and a graphic manipulation software.
Microsoft Windows Holiday PromoMy husband and I agree that these days it’s essential to be computer literate and so we encourage our kids to learn how to manipulate computers at a young age. It’s equally important to use genuine software to operate your PCs with. Our choice has always been Windows.

*This is a sponsored post for Microsoft Philippines. All opinions, experiences, and views expressed herein are entirely mine and we all really do use Microsoft Windows OS.

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