Meet the Instax Mini 70!

Truth be told, I’ve never really liked the Instax. I owned one before… it was a big widescreen model which looked quite impressive. But it was so big that it wasn’t really convenient to bring around. Plus I wasn’t too happy with the photo quality because everything came out dark and kind of blurry. In the end, I sold it for less than half the retail price. Then came the Instax Mini 70.

Instax Mini 70My initial not-so-good impression of the Instax changed when I came across the new Instax Mini 70. It’s half the size of my original Instax and it takes way clearer pictures.

Instax Mini 70I attended the Instax Mini 70 launch last month which took place around Halloween. When I got to the venue it was super dark.

Instax Mini 70But it was set up that way so we could see just how impressive the new Instax Mini 70 is. Imagine, in such a low-light setting I was able to take a clear and bright selfie! It was pretty easy too since the Instax Mini 70 has a selfie mode — it’s equipped with a small mirror beside the lens so you can “frame” yourself nicely and snap a nice selfie.

Instax Mini 70Remember how all the backgrounds would turn black in photos when using older Instax cameras? This model has Automatic Exposure Control which captures both subject and background clearly so not anymore!

Instax Mini 70The Instax Mini 70 comes in three colors: Canary Yellow, Island Blue, and Moon White. It retails for P6,999. If you’re planning to get an Instax, this is definitely the model to go for.

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