Maybelline Make-Up Remover Eye & Lip

Since I love putting on make-up, I also need good products to take it off. I’ve been using Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil practically forever since I have the big pump dispenser. It’s about to run out though and the size I’m using costs something like P4,500 per bottle the last time I checked. Thus it was time to explore less expensive alternatives.

Maybelline Make-Up Remover Eye and Lip ReviewI was immediately attracted to Maybelline Make-Up Remover Eye & Lip because the two-toned blue and transparent liquid caught my eye.

Maybelline Make-Up Remover Eye and Lip ReviewYou have to shake it first before using so the liquids will mix together.
Eye Make-Up using L'oreal Open Eyes ProI decided to give the product a run for the money by testing it at a time when I had some heavy eye-make up on — eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, corrector, concealer, eyebrow shaper, etc. I was trying out L’oreal Open Eyes Pro, but that’s coming up in another post.
Maybelline Make-Up Remover Eye and Lip Review

I dispensed some of the liquid onto a cotton pad.

Maybelline Make-Up Remover Eye and Lip ReviewI closed my eyes and ran it over one eye first. I eventually ended with a darker cotton pad which had my hubby asking “What’s that?” when he saw it in the trash can. Hahahaha! A little product goes a long way so a bottle probably last for a few months… depending on how often you wear makeup.
Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye and Lip ReviewAnd just like that my eye make-up was gone! I may have missed some eyeliner when I took this photo, I just repeated the process to clean up the remaining eye make-up and then went into the bathroom to wash my face. Although I didn’t show it here, it works like a charm in removing lipstick too. I find it a bit lacking in terms of removing power when it comes to waterproof eyeliners and mascara though.

Maybelline Make-Up Remover Eye & Lip retails for P199 per 70ml bottle. Considering it removes gunk in a jiffy, I say it’s very reasonable. It’s available at all leading department stores and drugstores nationwide.

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