Baking cookies with Maya All-Purpose Flour!

Last December, my daughter and I baked (for real!) for the very first time thanks to Maya. We enjoyed the activity so much we were only too happy to do it again as soon as we came back from the US. This time we would be baking cookies using Maya All-Purpose Flour.

Maya All-Purpose FlourAnd so we opened the gift box labeled “Oatmeal Honey Cookies”… all the ingredients we needed were inside!

Maya All-Purpose FlourI just love the Disney Princess packaging of Maya All-Purpose Flour!

Maya All-Purpose FlourMy daughter knew how to grease and line a pan now since I taught her last time.

Maya All-Purpose FlourShe wanted to do most of the work.

Maya All-Purpose FlourShe found it challenging trying to cream 2 whole bars of butter.

Maya All-Purpose FlourWe got to a point where we were creaming all the ingredients together with all sorts of implements lol!

Maya All-Purpose FlourEventually we did it. My daughter was so amazed at how smooth everything was afterwards.

Maya All-Purpose FlourWe actually found it more challenging to bake cookies compared to cake.

Maya All-Purpose FlourIt became even more challenging mixing the dough when we started adding all the dry ingredients like Maya All-Purpose Flour. We were mixing for quite a while. “This is a bit harder than making a cake but it’s fun,” my daughter remarked.

Maya All-Purpose FlourAfter everything was combined, we chilled the cookie dough for 30 minutes. My daughter asked if she could taste the dough and I said yes. It’s just like what American kids do in the movies haha! She said it’s yummy and proceeded to eat the dough off our whisk and spatula when I told her we were done with them.

Maya All-Purpose FlourWe used an ice cream scoop to transfer cookie dough onto the baking sheet, leaving space in between balls of dough.

Maya All-Purpose FlourWe were supposed to use the rectangular baking tray but it wouldn’t fit inside our oven so we used the circular one instead. My daughter couldn’t wait to eat the cookies!

Maya All-Purpose FlourAfter taking the cookies out of the oven, I transferred them to another tray to cool. They smelled soooo good!

Maya All-Purpose FlourOatmeal Honey Cookies? Mission accomplished! We baked another batch so we could have a dozen to share with the entire household and we had them for merienda with some cold milk. I stored the remaining dough in the refrigerator so we can have freshly baked cookies tomorrow.

Maya All-Purpose FlourOur Oatmeal Honey Cookies turned out nice and chewy, just the way we want them! Yummy! Freshly baked cookies are the best so I think we’re going to be doing this more often from hereon out. I’m sharing the recipe for Oatmeal Honey Cookies here so you can try it at home. Steps marked with a “K” are kid-friendly! 😀

Maya All-Purpose Flour Maya All-Purpose FlourBaking is turning out to be a great way for my daughter and I to bond. I love getting her to do other things aside from playing video games and baking is a lovely, educational activity she and I happen to enjoy doing together. Thank you Maya for making our kitchen a magical place where yummy things happen!
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