Marie France EDM + SLIM and my own weight loss journey!

Okay… I was supposed to blog about something else today since I tend to post about things in chronological order. I advanced to this post because I’m too excited to share the latest weight loss technology from Marie France and how it has worked for me so far.
Marie France EDM + SLIM
Last March 20, I was invited to the grand opening of Marie France Eastwood. At the same time, Marie France was also launching a new treatment called EDM (Endermologie) + SLIM. EDM + S.L.I.M. loosens stubborn stored fat and cellulite so that you can burn it off with your usual physical activity. I had the chance to interview Dr. Clelia Monteux herself, head researcher of the French company LPG (Louis-Paul Guitay) Systems who created the machine used for this innovative treatment.
Marie France EDM + SLIMAccording to Dr. Monteux and Marie France’s resident physician, EDM + S.L.I.M. does the following things:

  • It loosens or frees up stubborn fat and cellulite. When this fat is released, you can burn it off through your regular physical activity.
  • It helps improve circulation.
  • It promotes detoxification via lymphatic drainage.
  • It can sculpt and reshape body parts like your buttocks, thighs, arms, etc.
  • It activates collagen and elastin production for smoother and firmer skin.
By the way, S.L.I.M. stands for:

  • Stubborn fat naturally eliminated
  • Loose skin firmed up for body anti-aging
  • Intense cellulite smoothening
  • Maximum body resculpting

Marie France EDM + SLIM
Anyhow, I did more than just talk about EDM + S.L.I.M. that day. I tried the treatment myself. I was ushered into a private room equipped with the machine.
Marie France EDM + SLIMThen I changed into this white body stocking. They’ll hand you a pouch containing a body stocking and matching underwear in your size you can change into prior to treatment. It’s yours to keep or throw away afterwards.
Marie France EDM + SLIMThe EDM + S.L.I.M. machine has a head that’s like a massager. There’s a vacuuming sensation as if it’s trying to suction away fat. It’s not painful and it’s totally non-invasive — nothing under the skin like needles, tubes, and what-not. I was told that due to the lymphatic drainage the treatment promotes, I would probably urinate frequently… and I actually did for the next 24 hours. One session costs €60 in Europe, just to give you an idea of the price. Ten (10) sessions will enable you to see visible results in terms of fat reduction, body sculpting, and banishment of cellulite.I’ll tell you straight off that I am a firm believer in Marie France’s non-invasive slimming treatments, having experienced firsthand the results for myself.
Photo opp with Tessa Prieto ValdesRonald McDonald and AnimetricAbove are my fat photos from 2011. I even cropped the sides so my flabby arms would not be too obvious. I hit my all-time high, weighing nearly 160lbs which was my weight when I was 9 months pregnant with my first child. No wonder people would ask if I was pregnant! My face was so huge, my clothes would not fit, plus I always felt heavy and sluggish. I hated looking at my pics and I never had full body shots.

I started working on being fit last November 2011 when I enrolled in Gold’s Gym for a month. Although my body fat percentage went down a lot, my weight did not. I lost something like 2 lbs. after going to the gym 5x a week for a month. I was told it’s because working out develops muscles which actually weigh more than fat and that there’s some offsetting before you actually start losing weight.
This is me after losing 10 lbsThen I was invited to take on the Marie France Pro-Plus 100-Day Challenge around the end of January 2012. The program was guaranteed to make me lose at least 10% of my body weight. If my starting weight was nearly 160 lbs, that would be around 15 lbs in my case. I’ve been on the program for two months now and I’ve lost nearly 10 lbs! This is my latest photo taken last Saturday.

I’m not telling you not to exercise. Exercise is good for your health as it lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, promotes good circulation, and lets you sweat out toxins. I myself have not stopped working out even if I am currently enrolled in Marie France. The amazing thing is, even when I don’t have time to exercise (there was a week when I could only work out once), I still shed off pounds as long as I have my Marie France treatments 3x a week.
Do you have a weight problem? Find out how Marie France can help you by calling 894-BODY (2639). You can also log on to
I’ll let you know how I am after 100 days are over. 🙂

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