Making candy at Made In Candy SM Megamall

Last Saturday, my daughter and I spent some time at Made In Candy at SM Megamall. We were there for a candy-making session to celebrate our birthdays! This is MIC’s biggest branch.

Made in Candy SM MegamallMade In Candy candies are made fresh on site all day everyday. Whenever they’re making candy, a crowd would gather outside because it’s quite fun and interesting to watch. They also offer free samples after the session.

Made in Candy SM MegamallEverything that was needed to make candy was laid out neatly on the hot table. It’s hot so the candy is malleable enough to form and shape. If you put the candy on a cool surface it will harden almost immediately.

Made in Candy SM MegamallThese are the flavors and colors that were to be added to the boiled sugar which serves as the base.

Made in Candy SM MegamallWe were asked to wear protective gloves since we would be handling candy on the hot table.

Made in Candy SM MegamallThe design we were going to make was this clover.

Made in Candy SM Megamall Made in Candy SM MegamallMost of the time was spent kneading candy.

Made in Candy SM MegamallMy daughter had a go at it too!

Made in Candy SM MegamallIt was fun getting to experience the entire making candy process!

Made in Candy SM MegamallThe clover design may look simple but OMG a lot of hard meticulous work is involved in making it. You make a big tube of candy and then roll and stretch to the small size you see at the store.

Made in Candy SM MegamallPull, stretch, and cut!

Made in Candy SM MegamallThis is how you cut them down to size, you use a cleaver to do it! You hold it at a certain angle and simply tap the cleaver to cut the now hard candy.

Made in Candy SM MegamallTadaa! This is the finished product! It’s soursop (guyabano) flavored.

Made In Candy SM Megamall You can make them big or small or twist them into lollipops.

Made In Candy SM MegamallThank you Made In Candy! We had a blast!

Made In Candy SM MegamallJust check out that selection! Each design has a different flavor.

Made In Candy SM MegamallWe got to take home all this wonderful candy! 😀


Made In Candy is priced as follows:

  • 35g Small Jar – P90
  • 70g Medium Jar – P150
  • 135g Large Jar – P260
  • 30g Foil Bag – P50
  • 70g Foil Bag – P100
  • Lollipop 2.5″ Diameter – P70

You can have customized candies made with your name / logo / design for giveaway, you just have to reach a minimum order of 4kg. Just to give you an idea, 4kg will yield maybe 114 35g small jars or 133 30g foil bags. For inquiries, call 866-5624 or e-mail Log on to Made In Candy Philippines’ Facebook Page for a complete list of stores.

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