Make REAL moments this holiday season

I got wind of a holiday-themed video series at the El Real Pasta Facebook Page. There are currently two installments. Both have the same message — Gadgets are taking over our lives. It has gotten so bad that even when we’re all together, all eyes are on our respective phones and tablets. Makes you wonder why we even bother to hold reunions when this is what it all comes down to.

El Real Pasta Real MomentsFilipinos are all about close family ties but we too are not immune from gadget takeover. While technology has the amazing ability to connect families (case in point, my mom and I communicate via webchat since she’s based in the US), it’s time to give it a rest when everyone is in the same room… or on the same table.

This holiday season, El Real Pasta reminds us to make shared family moments real again. When we’re all together, let’s make it a point to converse and connect with each other face to face… not behind a screen. What better way to do this than with sumptuous homecooked meals comprised of well-loved dishes like spaghetti.

Each of us is here in the world for a limited time, let’s make the most of it by creating REAL moments. 🙂

Watch the entire series at the El Real Pasta Facebook Page.

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