MAC Brow Set for easy breezy eyebrow grooming!

I first heard about the MAC Brow Set from Andi Eigenmann. Andi said it’s one of the beauty products she can’t live without because she uses it to keep her thick eyebrows nice and neat. I thought to myself that hmmm… I need that too since I have thick eyebrows that need to be kept in check.
MAC Brow Set Clear ReviewSo I made it one of my missions in life to look for the MAC Brow Set. I found it in Hong Kong last March. It costs US$15 or around P700.

MAC Brow Set Clear ReviewI chose to get the MAC Brow Set in Clear because my eyebrows are already dark and if I need color I already have Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper in Rich Brown.

MAC Brow Set Clear ReviewAnyways, it really is clear. It’s clear mascara for the eyebrows. I’ve been trying to find something like this to replace my Origins Brow Fix. I always used Max Factor Brow Tamer in the long forgotten past but there came a time when I couldn’t find the product anymore.
MAC Brow Set Clear ReviewMAC Brow Set is applied via a spoolie, just like how you would put on mascara.

MAC Brow Set Clear Review

I got my eyebrows threaded a month ago so it’s still not too bushy.

MAC Brow Set Clear ReviewUsing the MAC Brow Set is really easy. Just take out the spoolie from the tube and then brush your brows upwards to the side. It’s kind of like combing and putting gel on your hair so it’s neat and it stays in place.

MAC Brow Set Clear ReviewThat’s it! Easy right? You can look put together even with just minimal or no make-up with well-groomed eyebrows. 😀

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