Lunch with Amanda Griffin-Jacob

During the time that the monsoon rain was pouring down Metro Manila, I got an email from Amanda Griffin-Jacob. It was a lunch invitation.

Email invitation from Amanda Griffin-Jacob
My first reaction was… is this for real? I sort of couldn’t believe my eyes. Was it really Amanda who emailed me? I mean, I was invited by a PR agency for the press launch of her TV show Amanda Loving Life but I was not able to make it because my schedule would not permit. I asked my PR friends who were handling the show if they were having a lunch event with Amanda and they were as surprised as I was. They had no idea. Anyhow, I replied to Amanda’s email and told her I’d be there. A few days passed and I didn’t receive an email confirmation. I decided to tweet Amanda if lunch was pushing through. She tweeted back that it was. So it was set. 😀
Mommy bloggers with Amanda Griffin-Jacob
We had lunch at Aria Cucina Italiana at The Fort. I was late because of the unusually horrendous Saturday traffic. I ended up sitting right next to Amanda as it was the only vacant seat left, haha! I was surprised to see her in a simple sleeveless dress without any make-up. There were no PR people. It was really just lunch with Amanda and a handful of mommy bloggers.
We talked about mostly motherhood over a delicious Italian lunch. Amanda asked us what we wanted to see on her show since it’s really for women, moms to be specific. I know that Amanda’s own son is still very young (toddler age) and her second child is on the way so I told her that parenting topics concerning older kids would be most welcome. My own kids are aged 7 and 11 so I told her that if her show can come up with answers to my kids’ eternal question “Mommy, I’m bored… what can I do?” it would be highly appreciated.

Anyhow, Amanda Loving Life is sort of like a TV magazine show tackling a wide variety of women-oriented lifestyle topics… beauty, health, wellness, food, motherhood… it’s about living life to the fullest. The show kind of reminds me of how my own blog is a myriad of stuff I like. You can check out the teaser video I posted above. Amanda Loving Life airs on The Lifestyle Network every Sunday at 7:30pm. If you’re a Skycable subscriber you can watch it. If you’re a Destiny subscriber, you should be able to watch it soon since Skycable already acquired Destiny. Dunno if you can get it via Cignal.

Animetric and Amanda Griffin-Jacob

Amanda is currently based in both Hong Kong and the Philippines. At this point in time, it’s sort of a 50-50 arrangement. She will probably stay here more when her son reaches school age though. In HK, Amanda doesn’t have household helpers so she actually does all the chores herself. 🙂

Lunch with Amanda was a really lovely experience. She’s very unpretentious, approachable, and down-to-earth. Incidentally I met her first at the Samsung Digital Appliance launch and then met her again the week after this for another mommy lunch event by Mustela.

Anyhow, do try to catch Amanda Loving Life on The Lifestyle Network every Sunday at 7:30pm. 😀

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