Local delicacies from Q Proudly Quezon Made

I love local food products like suman, tablea, chichacorn, etc. I just don’t know where to buy when I think of having some. Now there’s a shop called Q Proudly Quezon Made in Las Piñas that carries all sorts of Quezon-made delicacies. Okay… I’m from Quezon City and Las Piñas to me is like another planet. Fortunately, you can place orders online, pay via bank deposit, and have your orders delivered via Lalamove.

Q Proudly Quezon MadeSo what did I order from Q Proudly Quezon Made?

  • Chichacorn (P80)
  • Homemade Peanut Butter (P218)
  • Suman Sa Lihiya (P159)
  • Guyabano Juice (P117)
  • Dried Pineapple (P130)
  • Pure Cacao (P129)
  • Embotido (P200+, don’t remember exactly)
  • TSF Macarons Soap (P250)
  • TSF Pauline’s Popsicle Soap (P294)

Q Proudly Quezon MadeMy favorite is the Suman Sa Lihiya (P159). One pack contains a dozen pieces, plus it comes with latik (caramelized coconut cream) for drizzling or dipping.

Q Proudly Quezon MadeSince I kept them in the refrigerator prior to serving, I had to steam them first. These are so chewy and yummy… not too sweet. The latik is perfect too, I ended up using it as a dipping sauce. We had these for breakfast with hot coffee.

Q Proudly Quezon MadeThe Embotido is yummy. Both savory and sweet, one order consists of 3 um… foil-wrapped loaves which you can steam or fry, then cut and serve. We had this for lunch and dinner with steamed rice.

Q Proudly Quezon MadeI also tried some non-food items in the form of soaps from TSF (The Soap Farm). These are handmade organic soaps made from natural ingredients. They have moisturizing and antibacterial properties that will leave your skin smooth and clean.

Q Proudly Quezon Made has a lot of other food items like Crispy Pata, Longganisa, Mango Pie, and Leche Flan. They also have a selections of all natural jams, teas, snacks (ex: Cassava Chips), sweeteners (ex: Coco Sugar), etc. For non-food items, they have stuff like trivets, baskets, abaca bags, etc. Check out their FB Page and IG account for more information.

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  • Reply Janet Dazo July 11, 2019 at 12:29 am

    Nakakamiss ang mga ganito pagkain Ms. Ro lalo na pag nasa bahay ka at walang lakad, linis linis ng bahay, hehehe

  • Reply Jessica bathan July 11, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    Sa amin mamsh ang sasarap magluto.ng ganyan lalo na yung sauce ang tawag samen Tusyo .

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