Levi’s Perfect Fit Jeans a.k.a. OMG it actually fits!

I’m a jeans person. I live in jeans practically 99% of the time. So I was thrilled ecstatic when I was among the handful of ladies Levi’s Philippines invited last July 24, 2010 for the unveiling of its latest line — Levi’s Perfect Fit Jeans.

Questionnaire from Levi'sBefore anything else, we were given a short survey which sums up the things we believe in.

Arts and crafts with Levi'sThen we seated ourselves around a big table where magazines and scrapbooking materials were scattered about. We were asked to make a mood board about ourselves. We spent the next hour or so cutting, pasting, and embellishing the white illustration boards provided.

Animetric's World mood board…and this is what I ended up with. There’s a dashboard because I can’t be without a car. There’s a watch because I’m a stickler for being on time. Food, beauty products, and gadgets are just some of the things I love blogging about. KC Concepcion is there because she’s holding a Sony digicam, which is what I use. It’s not my most profound work but hey, we had to work under time pressure. :p

Meuniere of Lemon Sole at Cav Wine Shop - Cafe
We shared our mood boards with everyone in the room then had a lovely three-course lunch by CAV Wine Shop – Cafe… all the delicious dishes can be seen here. We were told that we would be fitted for jeans afterwards so we tried our best not to pig out. At least I did. :p

Levis Perfect Fit Jeans Slight Curve SkinnySo we went to the back room to be measured. It was done in such a way that your waist size is not broadcasted for the world to hear, hehe. There are three kinds of curves that one can have: Slight Curve, Demi Curve, and Full Curve. I was analyzed as having a Slight Curve. I’m not surprised since I look like a box most of the time. :p

Levis Perfect Fit Jeans Slight Curve Skinny

After determining your type of curve, you get to choose what kind of fit or cut you want. Again, there are three: Skinny, Straight, and Boot Cut. All my jeans are either boot cut or flare. I was um… convinced by the Levi’s team to go for a pair of skinny jeans (pictured above). Being the pessimist that I am (I’m not in denial, I know I’m fat) I immediately reached for the largest size at the bottom of the pile, which was a 31. I tried it on and what do you know, it was loose. I got a smaller size and the photo above is the result. I was told that this line’s sizing ranges from 24 to 32. No, you don’t need a model figure to wear these jeans. 😀

Levi's Perfect Fit JeansLevi’s Perfect Fit Jeans are unbelievably comfortable. They move with you. You can sit, kneel, crawl or do the shimmy and they would feel like part of your legs. The fabric is very lightweight. I can’t believe a pair of skinny jeans could feel so relaxed. The waistband is not constricting, in fact it feels quite flexible even without garters or any form of elastic. The jeans are a tad too long for me but I was advised to just fold them either inwards or outwards as opposed to having them cut (for the skinny jeans anyway).

I love these jeans so much I’m thinking of getting at least two more pairs — straight and boot cut. One pair retails for P2,799. 😀

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