Lessons learned from a failed promo + an apology

Last February, I held my annual blog anniversary giveaway Animetric’s Favorite Things Year 2. One of the contest sponsors was Fanny Serrano Professionals Hair Care Collection. It was their representative who approached me and offered to sponsor a blog contest. There was going to be five (5) winners from within Metro Manila and supposedly Watson’s would take care of shipping the prizes to them. Fortunately I did not delete our correspondence on Facebook so I have proof of this:
Facebook Chat Screencap
I’ve blurred the contact person’s face and name as to protect his privacy. After my anniversary promo concluded, I supplied him with the five winners’ shipping details — names, addresses, and contact nos. — information that the courier would need. He acknowledged receipt via email (yes, I still have his email) and told me he had already forwarded everything to Watson’s.

Fanny Serrano Professionals Facebook PageWell, it’s May now and despite my constant efforts to follow up the contest winners have still not gotten their prizes. I tried to email and chat with the contact person but he has not been responding. In fact, he avoids me like the plague and logs out whenever I try to talk to him. As a last ditch effort I posted my concern on the Fanny Serrano Professionals Facebook Fan Page and as I expected, moments later my post disappeared. Well, the entire Fan Page vanished actually. I took a screencap because I was pretty sure they were going to delete my post.

In light of the events that transpired, I would like to apologize to the five winners for Fanny Serrano Professionals. Please bear with me. I have not given up in trying to secure what is due and I have the opportunity to meet some of the people from Watson’s this June. I intend to bring this up as their company’s name is also being dragged into this mess.
I’ve learned a few things from this unfortunate experience:

  1. Have the prizes on hand before launching a contest or promo. I could kick myself for not following this basic rule.
  2. Make sure the person you are dealing with is legit, meaning you know his/her exact designation and what company he/she is part of. The contact person for FS was the one who invited me to the launch event and even at the time it was unclear to me what his affiliation to FS or Watson’s was. Toink. I reiterate, I’m too trusting!
  3. Keep all correspondences between you and the company or person for reference. This is so when anything is in question you can always go back to what was originally agreed on. At least I did this.

I know Fanny Serrano. He actually did my make-up for my engagement and my wedding back in 1999. I also got reacquainted with him during the hair care launch. I honestly believe that he may not even be aware of this issue because I’ve always known him as a generous and good-natured person. I did not want to post about this matter but I am left with no choice as I owe everyone an explanation. I have my credibility to protect.I am still trying my best to resolve this issue. If I need to pay TF a visit I will.

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