Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast Buffet

When you stay at Legoland Hotel Malaysia, you can automatically avail of a free Legoland Hotel Malaysia breakfast buffet at Bricks Family Restaurant located on the ground floor.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetLike the rest of the hotel, Bricks Family Restaurant is Lego-themed.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetI love the colorful furniture and cute Lego decor.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetThis is where we got our plates for the buffet.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetThis is where we got our cups and drinks. There are juices, teas, coffees (yes there’s white coffee), water, and milk.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetIf you want cereal they have an entire section devoted to it.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetYou can make your own salad too.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetI love mantou, imagine there was an entire warmer full of different kinds of freshly steamed soft and chewy mantou — chocolate, pandan, taro… yummy!

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetTomato Rice

One thing I noticed about Legoland Hotel’s breakfast buffet is the oversupply of carbs — rice, noodles, bread, pancakes, cereal, potatoes… there is no shortage of carbs. There were several viands to go with the rice but there was markedly more carbs.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetFried Yee Mee (Egg Noodles)

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetMini Pancakes

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetBeef Franks

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetBeef Bacon

Yeah, even the bacon was beef and it kinda sucked to be honest. Pork is so much better when it comes to bacon! I forgot to take photos of the ready-made omelet. I wonder what they used in place of ham.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Breakfast BuffetRoasted Potatoes

bricks_family_restaurant13Roti Prata

I dig the freshly made Roti Prata. There’s a section outside the restaurant with more food (soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs, fried chicken, roti prata, etc.).

bricks_family_restaurant14We’re all still kind of sleepy because we were advised to be at the buffet before 8am if we wanted to avail of the Legoland Hotel Malaysia breakfast buffet hassle-free. True enough by 8:30am there was already a long line outside the restaurant and people had to wait to get in.

The Legoland Hotel Malaysia breakfast buffet is okay at best (taste was so-so to average, not bad but not good) but considering it’s packaged with your room for free, it’s pretty fair. There are a lot of food although the selections is a bit imbalanced because there’s really too much carbs in proportion to everything else. Still it’s a good way to fill up for a full day at Legoland or Legoland Water Park. Bricks Family Restaurant serves buffet lunch and dinner too.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia
7 Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini,
79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

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