Leef iBridge Mobile Memory Review

I received a Leef iBridge Mobile Memory for review a little over a couple of weeks ago. Although I’m not an iPhone user, my son is required to use an iPad in school and so I figured there was going to be a need for this eventually.

Leef iBridge Mobile MemoryLeef iBridge Mobile Memory 16GB (P3,200)

I was right. A few days after I got this (how timely!), my son was required to make a vlog (video blog) on his iPad to be submitted via USB. Okay, I wasn’t about to let him pass this P3k device to his teacher, what I was going to do was use this to transfer the file from his iPad to my laptop. From my laptop, I would transfer the file onto a cheapo generic USB drive lol.

Leef iBridge Mobile MemoryThe Leef iBridge Mobile Memory has two ends — one for Apple iPads and iPhones (And maybe iPods? Does Apple still make those???) and one for ordinary USB slots.

Leef iBridge Mobile MemoryIt looks like a candy cane from the side.

Leef iBridge Mobile MemoryIt does come with a candy-cane shaped “cap” so you can protect both ends. It looks like this when the ends are covered.

Leef iBridge Mobile Memory

Pretty sleek and nice, don’t you think?

Leef iBridge Mobile MemorySorry I couldn’t stop taking pics because I find it so cool.

Leef iBridge Mobile Memory
So anyway, to start using it, just plug it in and download the required Leef iBridge app from the app store. The app lets you manipulate your data easily so you can transfer stuff painlessly.

Leef iBridge Mobile MemoryThis is how it looks from the back.

Leef iBridge Mobile MemoryYou know what the best part is? After getting data from your Apple device, all you have to do is plug in the USB side to your laptop or PC and you’re good to go! You don’t need to download anything, it can be read by your machine as soon as you plug it in.

Let me tell you, I hate using the big and clunky resource-hogging iTunes software to transfer data from Apple devices so this is so much better for me. I’m not much of an Apple fan because I hate how I have to have an entire ecosystem of software and hardware just to be efficient and productive.

What I like about Leef iBridge Mobile Memory 16GB:

  • It lets me back up stuff like photos and music easily. I can transfer things to this little baby and then unload onto whatever non-Apple device I want.
  • It’s convenient, handy, and portable.
  • The ends are protected when you put the cap on.
  • I love the sleek ergonomic design.
  • It’s user-friendly, pretty much all you need to do is plug it in.
  • You can take photos and store them directly to the Leef iBridge Mobile Memory just in case you’re running low on space.
  • Storage sizes start at 16GB and go all the way up to 64GB.

Downside? The price! Like most Apple peripherals, it costs so much more than its non-Apple counterparts. But if you are an Apple user, it’s really useful to have at least one of these around for portable storage or for when you need to transfer things to a non-Apple device.

The Leef iBridge Mobile Memory is available at PowerMac Center, Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, AShop, Switch, Mobile One, and Otterbox stores.

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