Learning Basic Photography at 50 Feasts!

I took a Basic Photography course at 50 Feasts over the weekend. I figured since I got a Sony NEX-5N I should learn how to shoot in manual mode. It’s a hybrid after all, something between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR. I’ve always been the “Intelligent Auto” girl so pretty much all throughout my blogging career I’ve been shooting in that particular Sony mode. :p

Photographer Mylene Chung of 50 FeastsOur teacher was professional photographer Mylene Chung. Mylene contributes to publications like Yummy Magazine and Reader’s Digest. Thanks to her I now know what ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and white balance are plus I know how to adjust everything manually so I can customize my settings depending on the situation. I actually shot that photo up there in full manual mode. :p

Sony NEX-5N

So now I understand what all these numbers on my lens mean. XD

Sony NEX-5N

I also have an idea of what a good histogram looks like, hehe. 😀

Basic Photography at 50 FeastsThroughout the course there were lectures as well as hands-on shooting exercises. Apart from shooting in full manual mode, we were taught the basics of composition.

Basic Photography at 50 Feasts

I took the photo above when we were tasked to do a product shot.

Basic Photography at 50 FeastsThis is my classmate Honey during a shooting exercise. She’s a cake artist and she’s sooooo good at designing cakes! Check out her works at http://www.facebook.com/sugarushcakes.

Basic Photography at 50 Feasts

This is my vertical composition of the stuff on the table.

Basic Photography at 50 Feasts

This is my horizontal composition.

Light painting shotWhat do you know, we were also taught light painting! Of course the optimal room condition is pitch black in terms of darkness but since we were taking the class in the afternoon we couldn’t really make it so.

Light painting shotYou will need a tripod for this type of shot since the exposure time is long. My two light painting shots didn’t use a tripod hence the shaky background.

Panning shotI also learned panning. It’s handy for shots where the subject is moving.

Basic Photography at 50 Feasts

Here’s another random shot by me in class.

Stop motion shot

I can also do stop motion shooting now… so that’s how those jump shots are done! 😀

certificate and cheat sheet from 50 FeastsAfter we completed the course, we were given certificates and a “cheat sheet”.

Cheat sheet from 50 FeastsThe “cheat sheet” is a booklet which summarizes everything we covered during the two days of classes. It’s really handy, I keep it in my camera bag all the time. 😀

Basic Photography at 50 Feasts costs P4,900 per person. Check out http://www.50feasts.com for available schedules and discount schemes. There are other courses aside from Basic Photography too.

I’m so proud of my Sony NEX-5N which went head-to-head with various DSLR cams. Whatever a DSLR can do, it can do… better (better for me anyway since I don’t have the dedication needed to get a DSLR)! :p

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