KFC sogood… going beyond finger-lickin’!

I still remember going to Kentucky Fried Chicken Bonanza along EDSA with my mom and dad as a little girl. We would take out a bucket of delicious fried chicken with that really yummy gravy. That must have been the late 70’s because I distinctly remember that 1978 logo on the photo below mounted on a lighted sign. Finger lickin’ good was the catch phrase then, because that was exactly how one would describe the KFC chicken. Needless to say we’ve all been hooked since. My dad still has KFC fried chicken delivered to his house almost every week to this day even if my sister and I don’t live there anymore.

KFC logos over the years

KFC logo collection above courtesy of artatm.com

I’m 30-something now — let’s leave my age at that — and well, I still eat KFC fried chicken. Correction, we still eat KFC fried chicken. My hubby and kids never tire of KFC’s tasty goodness. Whenever our cook takes the day off, KFC delivery saves the day with a bucket of sogood chicken and fixins!

KFC SogoodSogood? What happened to finger lickin’ good? I know none of you want to hear boring corporate stuff about how this evolution was brought about my marketing, branding, and whatever else so I will explain it as best as I can — the way I understand the change as a longtime regular paying KFC patron.

  • KFC doesn’t just offer fried chicken and fixins at present. There are salads, pasta, sandwiches, drinks, desserts… some of which don’t necessarily involve finger lickin’ but are all sogood anyway!
  • I don’t know about you but when I’m asked to describe KFC chicken’s taste the easiest way to do so is say it’s so good! KFC chicken + unlimited gravy refills in all stores = sogood!
  • I noticed that I never eat KFC chicken by myself. It’s always a bucket shared with my hubby and kids and even yaya. Or else it’s what we bring to potluck with friends. It’s just so much more special and sogood when shared and enjoyed in the company of people close to your heart. 😀
  • Sogood perfectly summarizes the feeling you get when you eat something yummy… and in this case, the chicken with the fixins and all the other food offerings you can have in KFC.

Get your sogood KFC fix at the nearest KFC branch. Log on to http://www.kfc.com.ph for the full list of stores or simply dial 887-8888 for delivery.

Check out the KFC sogood microsite here – http://www.kfc.com.ph/sogood/

What do you think? KFC and Animetric’s World have something very special in store for all of you coming right here on this blog so stay tuned and share your sogood thoughts with us… okay? 😀

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