KFC Cheezy Bacon Fest!

I was able to try the new KFC Cheezy Bacon offerings a couple of weeks ago when they delivered some to our house.

KFC Cheezy BaconI got Cheezy Bacon Potato, Cheezy Bacon Rice Bowl, and Cheezy Bacon Twister.

KFC Cheezy BaconKFC Mashed Potato now comes topped with cheese sauce and bacon bits. A regular sized serving like this one costs P29. Nice and cheesy!

KFC Cheezy BaconKFC Cheezy Bacon Rice is Original Recipe Chicken Fillet smothered with cheese sauce and bacon bits on top of steamed rice. I got to eat only one bite because hubby finished it all, lol.

KFC Cheezy BaconHere’s a closer look. An ala carte order of KFC Cheezy Bacon Rice costs P90. I can’t decide if I like the chicken fillet better with cheese sauce and bacon bits or gravy.

KFC Cheezy BaconLastly I took out the KFC Cheezy Bacon Twister. It costs P85 ala carte.

KFC Cheezy BaconCrunchy and tasty KFC Chicken is wrapped in a soft tortilla that’s stuffed with lots of cheese and bacon bits. I split it in half to share with my son.

Have you tried KFC’s Cheezy Bacon offerings? What do you think? They’re available at all KFC stores nationwide.

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