Kenny Rogers Effin Hot Gravy!

About a month ago, Kenny Rogers Roasters launched the deliciously spicy Chipotle Fire Chicken. I love spicy food, so the Chipotle Fire Chicken is now my default order at Kenny Rogers. It’s got just the right level of hotness and it’s really flavorful. It’s also served with Java Rice which makes it all the more special.

Kenny Rogers Effin Hot GravyA few days ago, Kenny Rogers Roasters surprised us with even more spice in the form of their new secret sauce — the Effin Hot Gravy. Dare you ask for the Effin Hot Gravy to go with the Chipotle Fire Chicken?

Kenny Rogers Effin Hot GravyTo make it even more challenging, we were all asked to pick 2 cards.

Kenny Rogers Effin Hot GravyYou’re supposed to follow the numbers on the cards you picked. So this means, I’m to have 3 bites of Chipotle Fire Chicken with Effin Hot Gravy and 3 spoonfuls of Froyo to cool me down.

Kenny Rogers Effin Hot GravyChallenge accepted. I did as my cards suggested but wow, I really liked the Effin Hot Gravy. It’s a lot more flavorful compared to their regular gravy. It’s even better than the spicy gravy they originally came up with to complement the Chipotle Fire Chicken. Effin Hot Gravy is da bomb. I ended up dipping everything there — my mac and cheese, corn muffin, java rice, coleslaw… lol. I didn’t even need the froyo. Like I said, I love spicy food. I wanted to take home a bottle of Effin Hot Gravy hahaha.

Kenny Rogers Effin Hot GravySee I wasn’t even halfway through my meal and my Effin Hot Gravy is almost finished! It’s so good.

The Effin Hot Gravy is available at all Kenny Rogers Roasters upon request (yep, you have to ask for it!) until March 15. If you need something to cool you down, just add P25 for a regular-sized plain froyo with any Chipotle Fire Chicken meal. This is a limited product offering so do try it out when you have a chance! Log on to to find the branch nearest you.

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  • Reply Michele de Guia Ereño February 15, 2018 at 10:03 am

    My husband is a sucker for anything that is spicy..He is from Bicol. So me and my kids loves spicy foods too but not as spicy addict like him. This would be a must try for us. I haven’t tried any food with chipotle this would be the first time. I’ve tried Kenny Roger’s chicken and its good. Looking forward to taste this chicken.

  • Reply LEZLIE LOGO (Lhezz Lhie) February 17, 2018 at 9:05 am

    I Love to eat spicy ,Because I really enjoy the meal when it spicy .Maybe I’ll try to eat Kenny Roger’s Chicken too..

  • Reply Stephanie February 21, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    Me too Ate I love spicy food.

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