Jollibee Hello Kitty Party!

Last Saturday, Jollibee introduced its latest kiddie party theme — Hello Kitty! My little girl and I are both Hello Kitty fans. We’re really pleased that now you can have a Jollibee Hello Kitty Party!

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyThese are the party trimmings available for a Jollibee Hello Kitty Party! So cute… so pink… so girly!

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyMy daughter and I went to theĀ Jollibee Hello Kitty Party launch. We were ushered to a table full of art materials so kids could get creative while waiting for the main event.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyDaughter’s work of art, lol!

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyThe function room was decked out in Hello Kitty-themed decor.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyCelebrity mom Lexi Schulze hosted the launch.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyThere were lots of games and prizes!

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyAll the kids had Jolly Spaghetti and Chicken Joy!

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyJolly Hot Dog too!

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyI opted for Mushroom Pasta since I haven’t tried it yet, although here in this photo it looks just like Jolly Spaghetti, haha! I got a Regular Yum with Cheese too but my daughter wolfed it down too fast.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyWe all had a Jollibee Sundae Milo Mix-In too. It was really yummy! šŸ˜€

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyThe Jollibee mascots made their appearance and entertained everyone with a dance number.

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyShe’s new to me — she’s Twirlie! I can only guess she has something to do with sundaes. šŸ™‚

Jollibee Hello Kitty PartyMy daughter and I had a blast on our Jollibee Hello Kitty Party Saturdate!

At Jollibee, you can be flexible and Create-Your-Own-Package when it comes to kiddie parties. Aside from Hello Kitty you can also choose between Batman, Jollitown, and My Best Friend Jollibee as your theme. It’s completely hassle-free because you can do all the planning and preparations online at

Thank you Jollibee for having us!

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