I officially LOVE the Sony NEX-5 Camera!!!

Sony Philippines was kind enough to let me bring along the Sony NEX-5 Camera to the US during my 3-week vacation. I was very excited because although I still love my trusty old Sony Cybershot TX-1, I’ve always wanted to try more serious photography gear. Not that I’m a pro. I’m not. I’ve never had lessons of any form and for most part I just rely on my eyes and my gut feel when taking photos.

Sony NEX-5 cameraThis is actually the most compact DSLR-like point-and-shoot cam of Sony’s. They call it an interchangeable lens camera. It’s a lot bigger than what I’m used to.

Sony Nex-5 camera

Wow don’t I look commanding when I have this around my neck. Hahaha. XD

Sony Nex-5 camera

This is a side view of the camera with the zoom lens fully retracted.

Sony Nex-5 camera

This is the length of the zoom lens when fully extended.

Sony Nex-5 cameraThe controls are very intuitive. I didn’t even bother reading the manual. On, off, movie mode, play, shoot… all the buttons are just there waiting to be pressed. So yes, it’s just like using a regular digicam.

Sony Nex-5 cameraThere’s this nifty function called Background Defocus which allows you to fade out those pesky people or things around your subject which aren’t supposed to be there hehe. You can even adjust the level of defocus by turning that wheel around with your thumb. So cool I tell you, you can get really professional looking photos by using this feature. Sorry, I know my daughter’s water jug is a lame choice in demonstrating but the cam was getting picked up the next day and well last-minute cramming and all that… :p

Sony Nex-5 cameraYou can even tilt the viewing screen so that you can look at your subject easily when shooting from a low angle.

Anyhow these are some sample photos I took with the Sony NEX-5:
Los Angeles Zoo

Foliage at the Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo

Bongo at the Los Angeles Zoo

Chuck E. Cheese's in California

Buffalo Wings Platter at Chuck E. Cheese’s in California

Bellagio Las Vegas Nevada

Fountain show at Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada

Animetric and the Sony NEX-5…and this is the Sony NEX-5 and I, taken with the Sony Cybershot TX-1. Some freak actually sort of badgered me while I was walking around Las Vegas Premium Outlets saying that he wanted the NEX-5 hanging around my neck and was going to buy it on the spot for US$400. Is he out of his gourd? The Sony NEX-5 retails for P36,499 or US$850.

Sony NEX-5 photos are sooo good you don’t need to adjust anything anymore, you can use them right off the cam. All my above Sony NEX-5 photos did not undergo post-processing except for watermarking and resizing.

Anyways here are some of the Sony NEX-5’s key features:

  • 14.2MP Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor (In layman’s terms, this is like DSLR quality dude!)
  • Interchangeable lens (I don’t know anything about lens so the default one is good enough for me…)
  • Full HD video recording (I love HD videos. The quality is the same as what you get from Bluray DVDs.)
  • 3D Sweep Panorama (Yup, if you have a Sony Bravia 3D TV you can actually RELIVE your photos!)
  • Intuitive User Interface (Hey, I’m living proof of this I didn’t even peek at the user’s manual!)

I am so in love with this camera. I want one!!! This is definitely the best I’ve used.

Dear Sony Philippines,
Thank you for lending me this lovely camera. If it ever goes on sale please let me know!!! No… please RESERVE one for me. XD

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